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Tacloban Restaurant Guide

Tacloban Restaurant Guide

Tacloban City, being a favorite tourist destination in the Philippines, has become home to many restaurants serving different cuisines. Although Tacloban City is known for its beaches and nearby diving sites, tourists should never hesitate to drop by Tacloban’s famous restaurants. This Tacloban Restaurant Guide will help you in navigating your way along Tacloban’s streets and find the restaurant suitable for your tastes.

Ayo Café

Ayo Café serves international cuisine with its extensive menu selections from the Philippine, Japanese, Italian, American and Spanish cuisines. This cozy and relaxing coffee shop in Tacloban is frequented by both locals and tourists, with its delectable menu selections made for pleasing the most discriminating taste buds. Dishes recommended by patrons are the Spanish-style bangus (fish drizzled with homemade Spanish sauce served with rice) and orange ribs. Pasta dishes at the Ayo Café are good enough for sharing, with a price range of 115 to 125 pesos. This local hangout is also an ideal setting during breakfast time, with its omelets, waffles and coffee. Ayo Café is located at No. 5 JCO Arcade Compound in the Apitong Road, with a telephone number of 63-53-325-4461.

Ocho Seafood Grill

Since this Tacloban Restaurant Guide is dedicated to show you the local treats in the city, then we recommend Ocho Seafood Grill for those who want exotic and clean, yet affordable dishes. Guests are greeted with a wet seafood market where they get to pick out the raw seafood that will be cooked inside the restaurant’s kitchen. The service is charged cording to the quantity of the raw seafood and the type of cooking desired because of the labor and ingredients involved. Nevertheless, guests are assured that the food will arrive on time, and that their scrumptious meal involves only the freshest ingredients. With prices starting at 75 pesos per kilo of seafood, Ocho Grill is one of the most popular seafood restaurants in the Philippines, and therefore ensures an affordable and pleasant dining experience. The restaurant is located at Sen. Enage Street, and interested parties may call 63-53-325-4171 for reservations.

Giuseppe’s Italian Restaurant

Truly, the Italian food craze has spread all throughout the Philippines as nearly two decades ago, one could only see those types of restaurants in Manila. So for those craving the favorite Italian cuisine during their stay, this Tacloban Restaurant Guide suggests that they should head on to Giuseppe’s Italian Restaurant, a known hangout in the area. Nevertheless, Giuseppe’s status as a favorite fine-dining restaurant in Tacloban has been there for more than ten years, with its array of pizza, pasta and salads at reasonable prices. Specialties include the Ravioli Pepper Pesto at 240 pesos and the Tenderloin ala Sorrentino at 340 pesos. Giuseppe’s Italian Restaurant is located at 173 Avenida Veteranos, and can be contacted through 63-53-321-4910.


This Mexican restaurant chosen by this Tacloban Restaurant Guide has been frequented by both locals and tourists because of their delectable array of nachos, burritos, sopas and ensalada. Indeed, Sunzibar is one of the few Mexican restaurants in the Philippines that serve Mexican food at affordable prices. Among the favorites are the Toastadas, which is an open-faced taco and the Tortilla Wedges, a set of deep-fired torilla wedges served with your own choice of sauce. Prices at Sunzibar ranges from 70 to 150 pesos, although most dishes are good enough for sharing. Sunzibar is located at Burgos Street it Tacloban City, with a telephone number of 63-53-523-4565 for reservations.

Café Urbana

Indeed, this Tacloban Restaurant Guide is dedicated to find you the exotic, yet tourist-friendly restaurants in the area. The Café Urbana is one of the few restaurants in the Philippines that serve a fusion of Filipino and French cuisine. This exotic restaurant serves delectable fusion dishes, such as the Baked Fish Marinara and the Pork Chop with Tarragon Barbeque Sauce, at less than 200 pesos per meal. This is also an ideal dessert place, given its extensive cake selections and their delectable French Gateau au Chocolat, a flourless chocolate cake. Café Urbana is located at Santo Nino Street.

Calle Zaragosa

Another selected hangout by this Tacoban Restaurant Guide is the Calle Zaragosa, otherwise known as Calle Z to locals. This well-loved restaurant serves native Filipino dishes at very affordable prices. Nevertheless, Calle Z is a sanitary, pleasant restaurant where locals bring their foreigner friends and relatives to have a taste of modern Filipino food. Prices at Calle Zaragosa start at 75 pesos, with almost all dishes served with rice. Calle Z is located at Independencia Street, with a telephone number of 53-53-325-8582.

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