Starting A Garage Sale Home Business

Most women (and some men too!) have been guilty at one time of shopping for things they don’t actually need to buy but just happens to purchase them because they caught our fancy. And when space starts to become a problem, we suddenly blame ourselves for buying those stuff we have not even used.

A garage sale home business is a smart way to get rid of these useless items and earn a modest income. Here are some pointers when organizing your own garage sale.

Get helpers

It is definitely not advisable to do this on your own. Have some people to assist you. Make sure that you have at least one person assigned to each section to supervise the goods as well as entertain queries form your buyers. And don’t forget to assign someone to take charge of the cash register (make sure you have enough bills and coins for the change!), inventory and packaging (be prepared for those plastic bags!). It is advisable to list every item sold and their prices so that you can check on these at the end of the day.

Advertise the garage sale

Yes, you need to advertise! People should be informed of your garage sale. Simple posters will do. If you have a computer, then just print copies. Or better yet, use some creativity and do the posters by hand. There are also free ad placements available in newspapers or the internet. Use these services. Make sure though that you announce your garage sale several times before the scheduled date.

Open early

Garage sales usually start at around 7:30 in the morning and end around 6 in the evening. So make sure that you get enough rest the night before for a busy day ahead. Do not open your sale unless every single item is on its proper place. Once people flock to your home, you wouldn’t have the time to arrange the goods. It is also better to designate the entrance and exit for your customers (and have someone in-charge of the ingress and egress). This way, you are able to ease the flow and lessen the possibility for shoplifters (they are everywhere!) in your sale.

Secure the area

If you live in a subdivision, coordinate with the security personnel. If possible, have somebody watch over or at least check on the garage sale every now and then. There is a possibility of thieves lurking around. You should be mindful of this and your customer’s safety as well. Also make sure that the cash register is in a secured place so as not to encourage a possible theft.

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