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Samar Travel Agents

Samar Travel Agents

Getting to know some information some information on a certain vacation spot should always be considered before going into the place. It does not really matter (unless the trip is all about serious investigation) whether the information is noteworthy or not the point is; information gives a sort of an idea of the place in a way or two.

Destination: Samar Island

The island of Samar is located within the central Philippines. It is specifically, an island of the Visayas Region. It is actually the easternmost island of the Visayas Region. Before the Spanish regime, the island had couple names attached to it. Names like Tanday, Samal and Ibabao were attributed to this island until the late 1500’s. The rough physical features of the place were the main reasons it was named ‘Samar’ (from the word ‘samad’ meaning a wound or cut). The province of Samar involved the island of Samar as a whole until it was divided into three main provinces namely Western Samar (officially known as Samar), Eastern Samar (capital-Borongan) and Northern Samar (capital-Catarman).

The Best of Samar Island

The island of Samar has been showered by nature’s beauty like other noted places in the Philippines. Tourists could enjoy unexplored terrain and caves defined by exotic flora and fauna or wildlife. Sohoton Cave, which is located inside the Sohoton National Park is a cathedral-like ground with a parabolic arch-type entrance for approximately fifty (50) meters high. The Panhulugan Cave 1 and 2 are also considered places to check in Samar. The Panhulugan Cave 1 is recognized with a cliff-forming letter ‘H’ and snow-white gleaming stalactites of various proportions characterized Panhulugan Cave 2. Both wonderful caves are located at Sohoton National Park in Basey. Another special spot at Sohoton National Park is the Sohoton Natural Bridge that extends through the Sohoton River. This huge arch-shaped rock has a vertical clearance of about 23 feet. It is natural bridge is 40 meters long and 8 meters wide.

Soing to Samar Island

The wonders of the island of Samar and of some proximate islands or spots are the main reasons why there is a steady influx of tourists in the Visayas Region. As we all know, tourism means a lot to have a more stable economy. One of the travel agencies that answered the heed to maintain and tourism as a vital industry is the Leyte Gulf Travel and Tours or LGTT. They are specialized in setting up educational and family tours around the Visayas Region. To further enhance tourism, Leyte Gulf Travel and Tours is trying their best to unravel undeveloped and untapped tourist destinations in the said region. The name ‘Samar’ may bear a tinge of imperfection in its name; nonetheless, Samar Island is the one of the perfect places to enjoy the wonders of nature.

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