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USS New York Wreck Diving: Subic Bay, Philippines

USS New York Wreck Diving: Subic Bay, Philippines

Engaging in wreck diving in Subic Bay, Philippines, in order to have a closer glimpse of the USS New York wreck, should not be a light venture to take for those who aren’t adept in diving. In fact, wreck diving for the USS New York (now, known to most as the USS Rochester) – lying deep in the mud on its port side in the waters of Subic Bay, Philippines – is said to be one of the most trickiest diving sites in the country.

The reason for this is that many earlier wreck diving attempts in Subic Bay, Philippines, had ended up losing a few good divers who had sought to gain a different diving experience while enjoying the features of the sunken USS New York ship wreck.

However, even with this danger, and although four other wreck diving sites can be found in Subic Bay, Philippines, the option of seeking out a piece of history (when wars and battlefields were a common thing that were experienced by the people) still remains with the USS New York vessel that had sunk in 1941 as the best diver’s paradise.

The Vessel:

Lying in 100’ of the clear, blue waters of Subic Bay, Philippines, the USS New York is still a rare beauty even though bits and parts of it had been damaged and its wooden parts have given way to its hard steel structure.

Although the report by HCU-1, during the Vietnam War, mentions that explosives had set the severe damages of the wreck, a closer wreck diving exploration would show that the sunken vessel is pretty much not altered. There is, however, certain blemished features that may be seen at the bow – particularly on the starboard side and on the gun decks.

Interesting Features:

Exploration within the USS New York ship wreck can be done through numerous portals: The gun deck, the boiler rooms, or the large, gaping hole in the bow.

For wreck diving in Subic Bay, Philippines to be a breathtaking experience, it’s best to explore certain areas of the vessel which includes some of the following places:

* The Main Deck
Approximately six foot high, this is the topmost deck of the ship, and divers can behold the artistic beauty of turret guns which were made a long time ago.

* The Gun Deck
The interior here is mostly amiss, and makes it easier for divers to access.

* The Engine Deck
This is the hardest place to enter since it is located at the lowest sunken point of the wreck. Around 20 feet in height, certain access points are hard to find.

Wreck diving for the USS New York vessel in Subic Bay, Philippines will continue for many years to come even though it may be too dangerous for some divers to take. This is because there are lately news reports that state that this sunken ship, and the four others that are within these waters, will be preserved for their rich historical embodiment of how the world was during those earlier times.

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