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Why Travelling in the Philippines is the Best?

Why Travelling in the Philippines is the Best?

The sun, sand and the sea are few reasons why tourists are coming to the Philippines Islands for their vacations. The 7,107 islands of the Philippines are more than enough to see how wonderful nature is! From white sand beaches up to the three-layered virgin forests, who could ask for more? It’s the best of all worlds found only in one destination: The Philippines.

Blessed with extensive coastlines, the Philippines, which is the second largest archipelago on the planet, is undeniably a favorite tourist destination for people who enjoy the sea and beach.
From the finest resorts such as Boracay Island where fun never ends to the beaches of Palawan, which is branded as the country’s “Last Frontier”, to the beautiful sunset at Samal Island, there are many beaches with different personalities to discover on these islands.
Also, if looking for sport, there is Siargao Island, the Philippines surfing capital, Subic Bay where the US naval base formerly located, Camiguin Island which is untouched by the industrial development, and some other unspoiled beaches that are considered as among the best in the whole world. With its local communities that offer warm welcome to their visitors, surely no vacation would be lacking.

But there is more than just beaches here. How about some nature tripping?
Dipping into the clean cold springs and falls from different mountain breezes all over the archipelago may be one of the most refreshing feelings you can imagine! To name few are the Famous Pagsanjan Falls, Hidden Valley spring at the foot of Mt. Makiling, Ardent Spring resort at Mt. Hibok in Camiguin, Taal Lake at Taal Volcano, Sagada in Mountain Province, the Banaue Rice Terraces, Mt. Banahaw and don’t forget the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio City.

Don’t want to travel far from the capital city of Manila? Don’t worry because there’s more that this country’s tourism industry can offer. Try Enchanted Kingdom, a theme park where children can enjoy and adults as well. Be amazed by the historical Intramuros in Manila where old buildings and Spanish influence are very evident. Visit also the monument of Philippine’s National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal at the Rizal Park, where the national museum is also located. There is also a concert hall there where everyone can enjoy watching a free concert.

More than the beautiful places and spots are the historical background of the country, the culture and tradition it preserves and most importantly, the hospitality of the Filipinos that makes the package complete.

Now, why is traveling in the Philippines the best? It is because there is much more to discover and you never know what you’ll find right around the corner.

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