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Legazpi Restaurants

Legazpi Restaurants


Once in Legazpi, it is but natural to want to try local restaurants that serve local dishes and delicacies. The good news is, Legazpi is thriving with restaurants that offer sumptuous meals at an affordable price. On the other hand, for those who miss the taste of home, there are also several Legazpi restaurants that serve international dishes, something that is very comforting for many.

Cres Restaurant

Although this Legazpi restaurant is owned by a Bicolano-Chinese family, it’s not only Chinese food that one will find here. Filipino dishes are also served at Cres Restaurant and for those who want to try local delicacies such as Bicol Express, this Legazpi restaurant also serves it. Bicol Express at Cres Restaurant is cooked the traditional way with pork cutlets stir fried in chili and coconut oil. The ambience of Cres Restaurant is laid back so there’s no need to get all dressed up just to dine here. The service personnel are also very warm and accommodating. The diners here are asked how they want their meals prepared and they take time to explain what ingredients are used for those who get a little confused with the names of the dishes. Cres Restaurant offers affordable dishes and one can expect to pay around five to fifteen dollars at most. The Cres Restaurant is a favorite among locals and visitors so one should definitely try this Legazpi restaurant when in the Bicol province.

Tago Tago Garden

The word “tago” in Tago Tago Garden’s name means “to hide” and this Legazpi restaurant is so named because it’s not located along the main roads of Legazpi. Having said that however, this is not to say that one should not try Tago Tago Garden and rest assured once one sees the place, one will immediately fall in love with its rustic charm. This Legazpi restaurant has a garden ambience and one will dine here in nipa huts so one gets a feel of the local weather. Tago Tago Garden is located in the district of San Roque and it specializes in Filipino dishes and Bicolano delicacies. The average cost of meals at this Legazpi restaurant is about ten dollars which is very reasonable considering how much management has spent in the ambience of Tago Tago Garden. Tago Tago Garden is a good place to bring one’s significant other because of the romantic charm of this place and it’s a good venue to have quiet, meaningful conversations.

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