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Sorsogon Government Sites

Sorsogon Government Sites

‘Dagos Tabi!’

This simple phrase is an expression of the warmest and friendliest expression of Bicolanos (natives of Bicol Region) conveying ‘You are most welcome, please come in!’ A visit to the place of Bicolandia would never be considered complete without a communion with Mother Nature and the best place to do that is by going and staying at Sorsogon City. The city boosts and takes pride of its eco-tourism package. The presence of wonderful marine environment (blessed with Whale Sharks or Butandings, marine sanctuaries and best beaches) and Mount Bulusan Natural Park that is full of striking flora and fauna. For these reasons, tourists can enjoy land and aquatic activities such as hiking, biking, mountain climbing, spelunking, beachcombing, sunbathing, islang-hopping, boating, swimming, sport fishing, snorkeling and SCUBA diving.

Reasons to Celebrate in Sorsogon City

There are a lot of reasons why the locals of the city of Sorsogon have a lot of festivals or feast the whole year round. These fiestas have cultural and religious heritage that explain and express what Sorsogon City is all about. The Hin-ay Festival is commemorated in honor of St.Michael the Archangel in the town of Irosin. Beauty pageant, food festival and trade fairs are some of the noted activities during the fiesta. Every second week of the month of June, the Ginubat Festival is being held at the town of Gubat. The highlight of the said event is the street dance down the streets of the town defined by dancers in colorful attires. A long fluvial parade or procession is the highlight of the Butanding Arribada Festival. The feast is held to welcome the return of the Whale Sharks or Butanding. The town of Bulan is on a festive mode every May as they celebrate the Padaraw Festival. Creative street dancing and ethnic music are some noted activities as forms of thanksgiving to God’s goodness. In honor of Saints Paul and Peter, the Pili Festival is being celebrated every 28-29th of June annually. In commemoration of the foundation of Sorsogon as a province, the Kasanggayahan Festival is being observed. This is Sorsogon-wide festival and Sorsogon City is the focal point of activities. This feast showcases how Sorsogon as a province had prospered and developed throughout the years (kasanggayahan, Bicol word for prosperity or abundance).

The City of Sorsogon and Promoting their Eco-Tourism

For the past years up to the present, the economic development of Sorsogon City and the province itself strongly relies on its Eco-Tourism. The influx of people all over the Philippines and around the world has contributed to its commercial stability. The local government of Sorsogon City, with the help of their official website (http://www.sorsogontourism.com/) tries to make the wonders of Sorsogon City accessible through the World Wide Web. The website is definitely the first thing a tourist should check for information and possible assistance. The Land of Kasanggayahan is definitely just a few clicks away.

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