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Palawan Transportation

Palawan Transportation

Enjoying the magnificent traveler’s spots in Palawan Island entails means of transportation and travel. From the airport or pier (if one traveled by the sea), forms local transportations in Palawan make traveling a delightful experience.

Palawan Airports

Puerto Princesa Airport usually takes care of flights into Palawan from major cities or municipalities around the Philippines. There are no direct international flights outside the Philippines for now, but tourists may have to take flight from Manila and Cebu City because they have daily air travels from these places.

As a tip, it is best to always reassure or reconfirm air tours schedule before the schedule of departure. Due to some not so-good weather (like rainy season), it would be understandable for airports to halt its operation for practical and safety reasons. This is a protocol especially during times of stormy weather or typhoon.

Facilities in Palawan airports are well-maintained for the needs tourists and visitors alike. Ready transportations like taxis and tricycles are available from the airfield to respective city locations.

Traveling by the Sea

Palawan’s natural beauty could also be reached by sea voyage. It’s comprehensible that it would be a very long travel, but exciting, from Manila through ferry boats. For the next twenty-four (24) to twenty-six (26) hours, these vessels would give a sort of night time entertainment like live bands and disco dancing. During day time and id sky is clear (meaning visibility is ok); staffs on the upper deck would usually give tourist a heads up regarding the surrounding islands. There are times that even big fishes or dolphins could be seen racing beside the ferry. Traveling is definitely a thrill in itself!

Local Transportations within Palawan

Philippines’ ‘King of the Road’ which is the jeepney or jeep has been the bastion of public transportation in Palawan as well. These versatile public utility vehicles can pick up passengers along the way and could carry large baggage or belongings virtually anywhere from Puerto Princesa City to a certain town or location and vice versa.

Tricycles are bigger than the usual in Palawan, especially in Puerto Princesa, in comparison to the Metro Manila tricycles. These modes of transportation, because of the size, have been dubbed as ‘motorcycle taxis’ and these ‘taxis’ are practical in short distance driving within Puerto Princesa limits.

Nonetheless, enjoying wonders of Palawan would be very pleasurable and worthwhile if tourists or visitors would hire vehicles that could resolve their traveling needs. Moreover, tourists can make special arrangements with travel agencies regarding transportation within Palawan. Regardless of what form of transportation a tourist picks, as always, the sense of adventure is always a choice.

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