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Cebu Sightseeing Guide

Cebu Sightseeing Guide

Tourist destinations are aplenty in the Philippines, but, as this Cebu sightseeing guide will indicate, few can compare with the sights and sounds of this beautiful island.

Cebu sightseeing guide: historical landmarks

Home to some of the most significant events in Philippine history, there are several locations that you will want to pay a visit to. One of them is Fort San Pedro, the most ancient bastion in the archipelago. Covering over 2,000 sq meters, the ruins of the walls and towers are still visible and give you a glimpse of its past glory.

Another fabled landmark is the Cebu Monument. This tableau is a showcase of the significant events in the island’s history. Other historical sites are the University of San Carlos, the oldest school in the Philippines, the Capitol building and the Lapu Lapu Monument.

Cebu sightseeing guide: cultural sites

The Casa Gorordo Museum was actually the residence of a Filipino bishop, and has now been converted to a repository for antique artworks, relics, furniture and a place where one can view the Filipino lifestyle in the 1800s.

Other cultural haunts in Cebu include the Southwestern University Museum, which houses the vast collection of Lydia Alfonso, which consists of relics culled from different periods of Philippine history. Other sites worth a visit are Julian Jumalon’s Butterfly Sanctuary, the Rizal Museum, the Sala Piano Museum, and the Rose Ong Collection, repository of various orchids.

Cebu sightseeing guide: natural wonders

If you want to get in touch with nature, you can go to Mactan Island, which has become a beach resort and a haven for scuba diving enthusiasts. Another popular site is Kawasan Falls, where some of the most breathtaking waterfalls in the island can be seen.

The Olango Wildlife Sanctuary is the place to go to for bird lovers, as it hosts thousands of different types of birds from various parts of the country. The Nonoc Cave on the other hand, is perfect for those that love diving and trekking.

Cebu sightseeing guide: religious shrines

The Taoist Temple is a shrine dedicated to the conservation of the words and sayings of Confucius. A site for religious pilgrims, it is also a popular spot for tourists. You may also want to visit the church in Mandaue to have a look at the Chapel of the Last Supper, a sculpture of the famous painting by Da Vinci. The Celestial Garden is also popular among devotees and tourists mainly due to the religious statues scattered across the hills.

As this Cebu sightseeing guide makes clear, there are several locations that you can go to. If you want to get a taste of Philippine culture and glimpse its natural beauty, this island paradise is a good place to start.

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