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Sorsogon Beach Guide

Sorsogon Beach Guide

Sorsogon is one of the provinces in the south of the Philippines. It is not surprising that this region has many great beaches. Sorsogon also has the best beach where you can see great whales swimming together.

1. Donsol Beach – This beach is in Donsol town. It is just an hour away from Legazpi city. This beach is famous for being the best beach in the Philippines where you can see the great Dugong.You can stay in the Woodland beach. You can inquire their accommodation rates by calling +(63)(0921) 9699544 and +(63)(0918) 2315420.Another best resort in Donsol is Amor Farm Beach and if you are interested to stay here you can call them at +(63)(056) 4113180 or +(63)(056) 4111109.

2. Rizal Beach– This beach is situated in the town of Gubat.This is considered by many locals as one of the prettiest beaches in the Philippines. It faces the vast Pacific Ocean. This beach is not as commercialized as the other beaches. There are several resorts however surrounding the beach like Vera Maris where many tourists can sleep. There is still some sense of purity and paradise feel in this beach giving a peaceful getaway feeling. There is still no required fee for anyone to enter. The beach is still free for all.
The cottages however are for rent and they do not accept any reservations. Some people like going after three in the afternoon and stay until late six in the evening just to have a picnic and swimming for a few hours.

3. Tiklin Island has a very clean beach. The sand in this beach is also pure white. The current of the water though can get strong sometimes. You can rent a boat and go fishing or sailing.Some tourists like snorkeling and trekking some forests that are near and some caves where you can see bats.

4. Olango beach – This is a beach in the town of San Rafael. There is a point in the beach where there is a good amount of sand and where swimming is safer. Many tourists like snorkeling in this area as well. The water in this beach has an aquamarine color and the area has high coconut trees.

5. Tolongapo Beach– This is another popular beach in Sorsogon. Many divers from Luzon come here for the good diving spots. Many simple hotels and resorts surround this beach. You can also explore some caves with limestones for some spelunking adventure.

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