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Baguio Travel Guide

Baguio Travel Guide

When touring Baguio, Philippines in a private car, people may get more comfort and convenience, but not the excitement of a Baguio FX cab adventure. Here’s a Baguio travel guide on how to get more from an FX cab ride around Baguio City.

First and foremost, an important Baguio travel guide reminder is always look for FX cabs roaming the city once one sets foot on Baguio soil. They are usually found in a queue just outside bus terminals, waiting for bus passengers to step out of the terminal. This is often the scene around terminals in the Philippines. And why opt for them when in Baguio? They are a big help to one’s itinerary in many ways.

First, Baguio FX cabs charge very cheap fare. They start at a Php 25 flag down just like in Manila but the proceeding charge per kilometer is cheaper and slower. Hence, a hundred pesos can go a long way. They’re not difficult to look for. And the same can be said of them in most parts of the Philippines. They’re just outside bus stations. When a public jeep is opted for in Baguio, people will have to walk the distance from the bus terminal to the jeep terminal. So, as this Baguio travel guide recommends, upon alighting from a bus, look for an FX cab.

Second, there’s no limit to where a Baguio FX cab can take tourists around the city. Public jeeps in the Philippines have a fixed route to take day or night, and they’re mostly unavailable at midnight or in the wee hours of the morning. With FX cabs, people are brought to specific destinations even at midnight or dawn. So a vital Baguio travel guide tip especially when taking night or early morning trips to or from Baguio is to seriously consider hiring an FX cab.

Third, most FX cab drivers are friendly and can act as tourists guides. They are mostly natives of Baguio City and conversant in English and Tagalog, aside from Ilocano, of course. They are among honest and courteous drivers in the Philippines. Hence, no wonder this Baguio travel guide and most others are promoting FX cabs as public tour vehicles.

However, take note that Baguio FX cabs often have no seats available at the back. So at most, FX cabs in Baguio can accommodate 6 passengers, excluding the driver.

For a more meaningful Baguio tour, this Baguio travel guide suggests using FX cabs.

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