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Getting a Job as an Expat

Getting a Job as an Expat

Foreigners in the Philippines usually come to the country to see the unique tourist spots and destinations, and to meet wonderful people from a different culture. Because of the beauty of the Philippines and its people, many expats decide to stay longer in the country. Some of them applied for extension of their visa while some look for expat jobs.

So, how does one look for expat jobs in the Philippines? In the Philippines, just like in other countries, there are jobs that require a specific college degree and license to practice, apart from relevant experience in the job description. Examples of these jobs are jobs in the medical field, engineering, accounting and other types of employment that require passing the licensure exams. Which is why, as a foreigner, it could be difficult to get expat jobs similar to what you had in your country.

If you don’t plan to stay for a long time in the Philippines, you can start looking for expat jobs in the teaching field. Many foreigners now work in language schools training Filipinos in understanding, speaking and writing foreign languages. Who else would best suit expat jobs such as these but someone who has had experience in using the language. Not only Filipinos benefit from foreigners working in these expat jobs. There are also other foreigners who come to the Philippines to study in college or to learn a foreign language. Working in these expat jobs will lead you to meet people from different nationalities.

To make you more efficient in working in expat jobs related to teaching, it would be better to learn a bit of the Filipino language. This will make it easier for you to translate words and sentences for your trainees. Also, if you have been familiar with the Filipino culture, people in expat jobs who know how to speak Filipino finds it easier to mingle with Filipinos. Filipinos appreciate it when foreigners exert some effort in learning a bit of the local tongue.

To look for expat jobs, there are a number of Philippine job websites that you can check. Many language schools now look for language trainers who handle ten to fifty hours of language training. The most popular foreign languages that you can look into when checking expat jobs are English, Spanish, French, Korean, Japanese and German. Some languages from the Middle East, such as Arabic, are also being taught.

Apart from language schools, you can also look for expat jobs as a trainer in call centers. Call centers prefer trainers who have experience in dealing with native foreign language speakers. The language schools and the call centers are your best options in looking for expat jobs.


  1. Nzanzu wavo mbaleka

    I have french skills and for now i am looking for a job since I live here in the philippines, in cavite. I do understand tagalog somehow and am already acwuented with the culture because i have been staying here for two years already.

    Thanks for you offer and i hope that soon i will read from you



  2. Mohamed Tawfik

    I am currently living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with my Filipino wife and we would like to relocate to Manila, Baguio or Cebu.
    I am currently working now in a Travel Agency where I have been for the past 5 years, and am very committed to ensuring that the business runs to its fullest potential maximising its yield through careful yield management and ensuring that I run a harmonious and productive workplace.
    I have had extensive experience within a number of management, customer service and leadership roles and would like to further my current knowledge and skills within these areas. I am a self-motivated individual with excellent planning and organisational skills. I am able to help bring cohesion to teams that I work in, through my ability to think outside the square and my strong belief in the importance of teamwork and hands on Leadership.
    I ideally would like to stay working within the hospitality, Travel and Tourism industry or a Hotel property. My wife is also an Supervisor in a Travel Agency here in Dubai, UAE
    I am a young, vibrant and energetic person who love the Philippines way of life and would really like to relocate there with my wife.

  3. Bryce

    I am an american who spent two years in the philippines and learned to speak tagalog fluently. Now I have been communicating using tagalog for 9 years. I would like to relocate to the philippines. Is there a good paying job for me teaching english there? I am only a highschool graduate.

  4. Fernando

    I used to live in manila for over 9 years, Im a mech. eng, working on automotive business on components development and FEA. Hows the engineer field for expat in the Philippines these days

  5. Happy Life

    Worked in Manila for 6 years and enjoyed every bit of it…They people there are wonderful,friendly and hardworking. I would love to return back to Manila and work there again.

  6. Marc

    Was in the Philippines about 8 times. I’m married to a Philippina. We would like to settle in Davao if i could find a good job there.
    I speak Dutch (mothertongue, Englisch and German (we live in Germany now).
    My skills are in the rehabilitationbusiness. Adapting wheelchairs, special beds, walking aids and so on for disabled people. At the moment i work as a servicecoordinator in this business.
    Before i studied to become a teacher (not finished)mechanical for agricultural machineries.
    Hope to be able to find some nice job in Davao.


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