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Puerto Princesa Destination Guides

Puerto Princesa Destination Guides


Puerto Princesa is a tropical island paradise ideal for honeymooners and families who want to spend some quality time together. There are several Puerto Princesa destinations that help strengthen family bonds or prepare newlyweds for their exciting life together. Even the busy businessman could go to a Puerto Princesa destination to relax and unwind.

Honda Bay

Honda Bay has done a great deal in helping Puerto Princesa become the leader in ecotourism in the Phiippines. Honda Bay is a good Puerto Princesa destination because of its beautiful beaches. This Puerto Princesa destination stands out because of the seemingly endless stretch of fine white sand and clear, turquoise sea. There are actually several islets surrounding Honda Bay that are a considered a part of it but the ones most frequented are Snake Island and Bat Island. What makes Honda Bay a favorite Puerto Princesa destination is the fact that once here, there are a lot of activities that one can do and one is not just confined to admiring the natural wonder that it is. Island hopping is commonly done in Honda Bay to see the limestone caves and the bats inside. Swimming, diving and snorkeling are the other activities that one can do when in Honda Bay and for those who want to stay dry, a banana boat ride to see the surroundings is a good way to pass the time.

Calamian Group of Islands

Another Puerto Princesa destination is the Calamian Group of Islands. Found in the northeast, there are many islets that make up the Calamian Group of Islands such as Coron and Busuanga. The beaches here amazing and one should wait until sunset when it becomes even more picturesque. This Puerto Princesa destination boasts of a thriving diving community and it does have several dive sites from World War II that one can take a look at. No need to worry though that one will miss out because one doesn’t know how to dive, there are diving lessons offered at the Calamian Group of Islands with certified dive instructors. Busuanga which is one of the islands that make up this Puerto Princesa destination is considered the biggest island in Palawan and it is surrounded by the South China Sea and the Sulu Sea. There is also a very diverse marine life at the Calamian Group of Islands and the history of this place is just as vibrant. The inhabitants of Calamian Group of Islands are very friendly, welcoming guests with the warmest smile upon arriving at this Puerto Princesa destination.

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