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Iloilo Beach Guide

Iloilo Beach Guide

Iloilo is an island in the south part of the Philippines blessed with natural beauty including beaches. Many people are drawn to this place because of the hospitable people and the beauty of the place. There are several waterfalls and islands. The beaches
in Iloilo belongs to the best ones in the country. Each beach has many tropical trees and most of the beaches have white and fine sand. The island also has several resorts and hotels where you can stay and enjoy the beach.

1. Antonia Beach – Antonia is a beach you can find in the Isla de Gigantes in the town of Carles. It is an ideal getaway place for people who have been busy working and would want to take a break from their hectic life. You can spend your day in this beach snorkeling,sunbating and swimming with your family or friends.

2.Bolobadiangan Beach – This beach is popular in Iloilo. This is situated in Concepcion. There are many corals in this beach. The sand of the beach is white and very fine like powder because of the lime stones. There are areas of the beach where the sand
looks yellow. Many locals come here to swim in the beach because the water is pristine. A feature of Bolobadiangan beach is a sandbar which becomes a structure that barricades the beach.

3.Agho and Tambaliza Beaches – These beaches are also popular choices of many Ilonggos. They are both in Concepcion. These beaches have remained to be pure because of the less commercialism of the places.

4. Anhawan Leisure Camp – This is a perfect vacation place for those who love playing sports in the water like sailing, speedboating, windsurfing, scuba diving and kayaking. There is also an area in this beach where sunbathing can be done privately without other people passing by.

5. Puerto del Mar – This is one of the best beaches in Iloilo. Many of the rich families go here for a good vacation. This beach resort is situated in Guimaras. They have several amenities with good cottages where guests can stay. Guimaras is a lovely island on its own. You can do many water activities here with your family like parasailing, jet skiing and banana boat riding.

Other beaches in Iloilo are Coco Grove, Shamrock beach,Lorenzville, Tobog, Bogtong Bato and Basang-Basa. The water in these beaches are also gentle and calm especially during summer. Most of these beaches offer cottages or villas with a good view of the beach in front. Many tourists also prefer beaches in Iloilo because it is not as crowded as other beaches near Luzon and some are more affordable.

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