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All Needs Met in a Weekend trip to Araneta Center

All Needs Met in a Weekend trip to Araneta Center

Planning on a shopping trip this weekend? If it’s one-stop shops inside a one-stop Shop that’s being contemplated, it’s got to be Araneta Center.

It’s a vast shopping complex interspersed with real main roads and streets, real traffic lights and other real things one sees in communities and cities. It’s not a mall pretending as a shopping city but an actual one dotted with malls, theaters, restaurants, fast foods, stores, hotels, stores, and other concessionaries—all amid crisscrossing busy streets and thoroughfares. There is even a police and a fire station in this shopping complex.

A weekend trip to Araneta Center answers all entertainment and hobby needs. Music and sports shops line along main roads. There are also individual shops selling DVD and cassette players and components, photography shops and travel and ticketing offices. This is aside from those found in big malls like Ali Mall and Rustans.

Other small shops line up along the sides of other big shops like SM Cubao and Automatic Center. A weekend trip may prove rewarding at the mushrooming smaller shops covering much of Farmers wet and dry market at the south end of the shopping complex. One may chance upon real bargain deals on fresh meat, fish, and vegetables straight from Baguio, the veggies center of Luzon.

A weekend trip to this shopping complex may also prove invigorating with spas and health and slimming centers in and around the shopping complex. Theaters and PC gaming centers are also well located in the area, plus hundreds of big and small eateries that keep weekend trippers’ appetite going. Luxury restaurants and fine dining are all around the Araneta Coliseum (or “big dome”) —the biggest indoor coliseum in the world in 1960, which is right at the heart of the shopping complex.

Farmers Plaza, the welcoming façade of the shopping complex along EDSA, is in itself a micro shopping complex complete with eateries, a drugstore, movie houses, and numerous shops and stalls. The rear end of the shopping complex contains a wide provincial bus station (for farther weekend trips), a shoe community where popular Markina-made shoes are sold at a bargain, and several more shopping centers and restaurants.

Two hi-tech light rail systems service the shopping complex—MRT Monumento to Pasay and MRT Cogeo to Divisoria.

Araneta Center is a veteran shopping complex in the country that continues to satisfy patrons on weekend trip shopping. It is an actual shopping city with communities and districts of malls and shops.

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