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Tacloban Shopping

Tacloban Shopping

Tacloban shopping is not as pronounced as it is in Metro Manila. Yet those who seek to find designer clothes, jewelry, and appliances apart from the native products, will never be disappointed. Tacloban shopping also makes good offers on a variety of products that you would naturally look for when you are out on a buying mode.

It must be understood, however, that Tacloban shopping goes beyond just the mall. In fact, as of this writing, only Gaisano and Robinson’s mall are standing proud to offer shopping, mall-style to the locals and tourists alike who are in for more metro-style shopping.

Meanwhile, Tacloban shopping, palengke-style remains to be the fashion. There are a number of local shops that you would find interesting with just about the most exciting goods you’d love coming home with.

Gaisano Capital Mall – This is the oldest sign of modernization in Tacloban shopping. It used to be that this is the only mall in Tacloban so it is not as hard to locate. Everyone knows where it is and everyone would be delighted to help you get there. It is filled with so many items, foreigners think shopping there is much wiser than bringing in some from abroad. That’s because Gaisano Capital Mall has a wide variety of items on sale, and at reasonable prices, too. Aside from the amazing array of clothing, shoes, jewelry, undergarments, and whatnot, there are also numerous eating hubs that offer just about every kind of delicacy you might be craving about. What’s more, the staff very helpful and courteous. You’d love getting bargains here through the aid of the friendly mall employees. [Downtown Tacloban, Cor. Rizal Ave. & Justice Romualdez St., Tacloban City, Leyte]

Gaisano Central Mall – Just recently, Gaisano mall became more renowned in Tacloban shopping because of the additions set in another mall area that is a few walks away from the capital mall. There are even more shops that could supply you with all that you need in Gaisano central mall, having opened its doors to shoppers only in the latter part of 2008. This one houses a huge supermarket that offers everything you might need around the household and beyond. Contrary to the rumors spreading, Gaisano Capital Mall is not to close with the opening of this new one. [Justice Romualdez St., Tacloban City, Leyte]

Bahandi Pasalubong – It’s good that you do not have to go far to fetch some native Tacloban products nowadays. That’s because one amazing store is situated right off the airport. Bahandi Pasalubong is filled with native delicacies as well as indigenous crafts not only from Tacloban but from all of Region VIII. [Tacloban City Airport, Tacloban City, Leyte]

Downtown Supermarket – If you plan to go shopping, the traditional way, you will find refuge from the downtown part of the metro where all sorts of items can be bought — From dried fishes to moron to binagol to sip-hid and banig. [Downtown area, Tacloban City, Leyte]

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