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Puerto Galera – Beauty Under the Sea

Puerto Galera – Beauty Under the Sea

Puerto Galera is the home of many marine life species. The huge variety of corals and underwater creatures is an added attraction to the already beautiful beaches. It is not surprising that both local and foreign tourists explore the wonders of the waters of Puerto Galera.

You can reach Puerto Galera either by plane or by boat. It will only take couple of hours if you travel by plane from Manila. If you plan to travel by boat, you will have to spend a whole day for travel.

The average visibility in Puerto Galera’s waters is at 70 to 100 feet the whole year round. The temperature of the water ranges from 25 to 29 degrees Celsius. Puerto Galera offers a huge area of beautiful beaches. Another attraction are Puerto Galera’s shipwrecks are excellent for scuba diving.
Here are some of Puerto Galera’s dive spots:

If you’re a beginner and are looking for a shallow spot, the Manila Channel is excellent for you. The Manila Channel offers several types of anemones like Clown fish, sea stars, christmas tree worms and other colorful reef fish.

Another dive spot for beginners is the Coral Garden. It has lots of soft and stony large corals on crevices with the sometimes-occasional immature Whitetip sharks visiting every now and then. The approximate depth is 10m or 32 feet from the beach.

Another spectacular spot in Puerto Galera is the Hole in the Wall. You’ll be dropped off in a field of table corals. The Hole in the Wall is a large swim through the area and you’ll eventually see an assortment of reef fish, butterfly fish, pennant fish, trumpet fish, and angel fish. The Hole in the Wall is connected to other dive spots.

After a dive in the Hole in the Wall you’ll find yourself in another dive spot known as the Canyons. The area is teaming with many different types of fish life living within the corals. The Canyons is a world class dive spot in the Puerto Galera.

The Alma-Jane wreck is the newest dive spot in Puerto Galera. It is a beautiful steel cargo ship measuring over 30 meters in length beneath the sea of Puerto Galera. Even though the ship only sank in the early twenties. It has attracted large snappers, bat fish and lion fish.

Other than the beautiful sandy beaches, Puerto Galera offers magnificent dive sites. You’ll definitely be fascinated by Puerto Galera’s beauty beneath its blue waters.

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