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Bacolod Sightseeing and Activities

Bacolod Sightseeing and Activities


For those who are looking to learn more about Negros Occidental or for those who want a starting point to experience this province, Bacolod City is a good choice. This beautiful highly urbanized city has many famous sites that are worth seeing.

Capitol Building

The government plays a very important role in the development of a region or a province. The seat of the local government of the entire province of Negros Occidental is at the Capitol Building and this important structure is found in Bacolod City. From the outside, one will notice the striking architecture and if one were to compare it to other buildings that were built at about the same time as this one, one will notice that the design of the Capitol Building tilts heavily on the Neo Classical side. The Capitol Building is actually somewhat old and it was first built during the Japanese occupancy as a base for the Imperial Army. The Capitol Building attracts many tourists not just to admire its architecture but pay respect to a local government that worked toward the progression of Negros Occidental. This structure serves as a sanctuary for locals who need assistance and once inside, one will notice that it is very orderly and its processes very efficient.

Church of Talisay

Moving away from the Capitol Building and on to something religious, the Church of Talisay is one of the historical churches in Negros Occidental and this is in Bacolod City. The Church of Talisay is really a shrine about three centuries old and is about 7 kilometers away from Bacolod town proper. This is a famous spot because devotees often go here in the belief that those in dire need are granted their wishes when at the Church of Talisay. Although the structure of this church has been restored, the framework of its architecture was designed to last centuries. The Church of Talisay also has important Catholic relics on display inside in a small museum and this is where General Aniceto Lacson and a well known priest, Father Fernando Cuenca are buried. The significance of these two figures is not something that is overrated. General Lacson was a sugar farmer turned businessman who led the revolution for three months and through ingenious efforts managed to make fertile the otherwise uncultivated lands of Negros Occidental. Father Cuenca on the other hand kept the Filipinos’ faith intact during the hardest times of the war. The Church of Talisay was decided to be the best place to pay homage to these two historical figures.

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