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The Tranquility of Diving in Bohol

The Tranquility of Diving in Bohol

Tired of unrelenting work and deadlines in the office? In addition, the unforgiving smog and noise of the city makes life wearisome and taxing. It is about time to take a vacation from all of these by taking a dive in the Island of Bohol.

Bohol, one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the Philippines boasts a vast unfathomable haven for scuba diving and snorkeling that offers a blend of the most spectacular vertical wall drop-offs, colorful coral reefs, and thriving habitats for tropical fish and other extinct marine species.

Most of the sites are found in the southernmost of the province with Panglao Island as the most sought diving site in the province. It has the white-sand Alona Beach to offer as starting point for diving tours. It is a small coralline and limestone island connected to mainland Bohol by two bridges.

Kalipayan site is known as the “Happy Wall” located at the southern part of Alona Beach. It can be reached by banca, or the adventurous ones can swim from the beach going to the site. The site offers normal and calm current conditions with average diving depth of 10 meters and maximum depth of 20 meters. The site has soft and colorful corals, sea fans, small groupers and juvenile barracudas.

Another wonderful site to visit is the Arco Point located at the center of the southeast side of Panglao Island. It is near the exclusive Bohol Beach Club and known as “The Hole in the Wall” with a vertical funnel with an entrance of 9 meters and exit of 18 meters. It also offers a great spot for snorkeling with various marine species like groupers, triggerfish, butterfly fish, wrasse, sea snakes and moray eels. Currents are normal and calm with average depth of 10 meters and a maximum depth of 25 meters.

Black Forest, situated along Northeast of Balicasag Island, offers advanced divers great spot with average depth of 20 meters and maximum depth of 40 meters. Novice divers should stick with their dive master in deeper water since currents are rough and erratic which makes faster drift dive. Divers will find forests of black corals, and can find large groupers, Napoleon Wrasse, barracuda, tuna, snappers, and batfish. In the shallow waters, one can find great variety of fish, sea stars, sea cucumbers, and colorful crinoids.

For a budding diver, Bohol diving sites are great places to explore and appreciate its marine life. It is an astounding and relaxing haven for both weary professional and tourist far-off from the raucous city life.


  1. Hannah

    I have always wanted to visit Bohol. Though I am from the Philippines base in Manila I’ve never visited Bohol I hope someday I can. Reading from the reviews about this place I know that it is worth visiting. I love to see the Chocolate Hills and the black sand beach. I read that Panglao Island is also in Bohol so I also want to see this paradise and the Black forest ( i never knew there is really a black forest).

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