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Cut-Jewels in the North Cemetery

Cut-Jewels in the North Cemetery

Tons of historical vestiges and stuffs of human interest are buried deep in the North Cemetery. A weekend trip can be a time of deference for the departed, discovery of a forgotten history, or even a festive carnival nothing short of a grand community celebration at the North Cemetery.

The cemetery is along A. Bonifacio Avenue in La Loma, Quezon City—a path lined up with snug eateries with the best and crispiest roasted pig (“Lechon”) in town. This exciting trip brings one near the boundary of Manila and Quezon City at the Chinese General Hospital.

The entry point greets visitors a festive welcome. Joggers may be seen roaming in sunny mornings. The interior road leads to small palace-like mausoleums under monstrous balete and acacia trees dotting the cemetery; unique sights said to be decades old.

The exciting trip takes one to leisurely walk past the graves of Manuel Roxas, first Philippine Republic president, and Manuel L. Quezon, Commonwealth president. Though empty, Quezon’s tomb still stands as a memorial of where his remains first were put.

Farhter, a mini churchyard keeps the remains of heroic firemen and some soldiers of World War II. The unique sights show gravestones are worn out by age–dating as early as the 1900s. Nostalgic grave captions cry for the unsung heroes.

This weekend trip can reveal uncommon valor in memorials for boy scouts of the Philippines who died in a plane crash in the 1960s. The enthusiasm of youthful heroes snuffed out by tragedy can move emotions—-one might even hear the plane crash amid this reflection.

The exciting trip covers burials of famous Philippine movie actors and actresses. They played in famous stage plays along Avenida Rizal during the Liberation in the late 40s. One of them, went by the screen name Casmot, was considered a staunch pro-freedom comedian in the Martial Law years before he died.

There’s this popular spot where the Poe clan, stars and pioneers in the early days of Philippine movies, has its grave site. On All Saints Day (Halloween) a crowd of fans watch movie stars pay visit to the demised Poe clan members.

A most unique sight is a pyramid amid the cemetery. Two concrete sphinxes guard its entrance and every Halloween a cadaver is said to be on display being dressed up in public. It’s a big deal to kids on a Halloween exciting trip, but adults know it’s a mere trick.

A weekend trip to a cemetery can reveal unique sights to a pensive mind looking for meanings in the past. The solitude, quiet, and just knowing that thousands who once walked this planet are now buried underneath, give seeking souls a refreshed outlook in life. A weekend trip to the North Cemetery can do just that.

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