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Dipolog Destination Guides

Dipolog Destination Guides


The southernmost island of the Philippines, Mindanao, is very proud of Dipolog City and it can definitely be said that a tour of the south starts here. There are many interesting Dipolog destinations unlike other tourist spots in the country that can enrich one’s vacation in Zamboanga del Norte

Linabo Peak

Even if one is not a health freak and does not like exercising very much, hardly anyone can resist making that climb up Linabo Peak. This Dipolog destination has contributed immensely to the growing tourism industry in this city and upon reaching the very top of Linabo Peak, one will experience a certain natural high. Aside from the endorphins that the body releases during the climb, the view is just fascinating at the peak of this Dipolog destination. Linabo Peak looks out to the clearest blue skies, the calm seas and the rolling hills of Dipolog. It has been said that this Dipolog destination is good for lamenting and recollecting and if what one needs is just a moment to see things clearly, then a climb up Linabo Peak is suggested.

There’s exactly 3,003 steps to reach the top of Linabo Peak and this Dipolog destination is especially popular during Holy Week when devotees find the time to go here to establish connection with a Higher Being. The drop off point for Linabo Peak is about 15 minutes away from Dipolog City and the fare is about Php 50.

Cogon Eco Park

A tourist attraction and extremely popular among kids is Cogon Eco Park because of the many different kinds of trees and species of animals that can be found here. Cogon Eco Park is part of reforestation project initiated by the local government of Zamboanga del Norte and it is a constant reminder of the necessity to protect our environment. Children especially love this Dipolog destination because it gives them a chance to be outdoors with their families and parents take this opportunity to help their children appreciate nature. Some of the wild animals that can be found at the Cogon Eco Park are reptiles and birds. The Cogon Eco Park also allows trekking and camping for those who want to do more outdoor activities. Another attraction at this Dipolog destination is the Subanen Village where an indigenous tribe resides. A visit to the Cogon Eco Park does not just allow one to get back in touch with nature, it’s also an opportunity to learn about the rich culture of Dipolog.

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