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Tacloban Festivals and Events

Tacloban Festivals and Events


Tacloban City, found in the diverse Visayan region have festivals of their own that pay tribute to the heroes of the past through colorful dances and face paints. To truly understand and appreciate the beauty of Tacloban, it is a must to witness at least one of their festivals.

Pintados Kasadyaan

Pintados Kasadyaan is celebrated every 29th of June and this event lasts a whole month. Pintados Kasadyaan was said to have started from another festival, the feast day of Senor Santo Nino and these parades are held to commemorate the bravery of the Filipinos during the Spanish occupation. The Pintados Kasadyaan has several highlights and since this is a month long of merry making, there are several events held in between such as the Pintados Festival Ritual Dance, Paghayak Grand Parade and dubbed the Festival of Festivals, the Leyte Kasadyaan. During this festival, aside from the festive dancers who perform tribal dances, they recollect the past including folk religion and the wars so that we never forget the roots of Tacloban. Pintados Kasadyaan also showcases the exceptional talent of the Visayans in body art and tattooing and the dancers have themselves tattooed and painted as if they were warriors of old. The streets are jam packed with the performers during Pintados Kasadyaan and the excited onlookers who are dazzled and mesmerized by this event.

Sangyaw Festival

The Sangyaw Festival is also celebrated in Tacloban about a month before the Pintados Kasadyaan. The Sangyaw Festival was held May 11 this year but this date is subject to change and spans about week. This festival involves every member of the community and there are several events scheduled during this week. The Sangyaw Festival is usually started with a band fest with both local and foreign bands playing and some schools hold their cultural night prior to the grand event. The grand event itself of the Sangyaw Festival is a parade held on the streets of Tacloban attended by the tribes, and participated by the ladies dancing on the streets in colorful costumes and accessories. There are contests for street dancing and awards are given for those best in costume, best in music and of course for the Sangyaw Festival grand champion.

The Sangyaw Festival and the Pintados Kasadyaan are just two of the festivals celebrated in Tacloban that showcase the talent of the residents in terms of dancing and costumes. These festivals also provide the onlookers with an experience straight out of history and a chance to experience the culture of Visayas.


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