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Zamboanga Shopping

Zamboanga Shopping

Overview of Zamboanga Shopping

When we think of shopping in the Philippines, it’s hard to get past the idea that shopping only really happens in Manila, and in particular, Makati City. The other parts of the Philippines and the cities outside Manila are known for their natural wonders and as a vacation getaway but nobody ever thinks about shopping when outside the capital. Here’s something that would drastically change that thinking.

Zamboanga, located in the far south of the Philippines boasts not only of natural wonders that provide an ultimate adventure vacation for the whole family, shopping is also very much possible in this region. Zamboanga shopping is slowly but surely making its way as one of the things to do in Zamboanga City and aside from being a big plus for tourists, the locals now have somewhere to go to where they can buy just about anything under the sun.

Zamboanga shopping would not be complete unless we discuss a brief history of how it started. Zamboanga shopping encompasses not just a couple of B class malls, Zamboanga City is in fact home to the tallest mall in the entire country. Zamboanga shopping initially just started with 5 malls and being smack in the middle of commerce in this region has helped in its growth. The very first shopping mall in the history of Zamboanga shopping, the Alta Mall, was closed after 16 years in 1996 when its parent company split into two and its CEO died. Now, the Huylian Development Corporation, opened Shoppers’ Mall and this 10 storey commercial building found on Climaco Avenue in Zamboanga City is among the favorite places to go to during weekends by the locals.

Shoppers’ Mall

Of course when we talk about Zamboanga shopping, it’s not only Shoppers’ Mall that we mean. Shoppers’ Mall, is fully owned and managed by the Shoppers’ Chain of Stores Inc., and there are two other malls within the vicinity that shoppers can enjoy. In fact on the same street as Shoppers’ Mall, Shopper’s Plaza and Shopper’s Emporium can be found and they are all home to cinemas, groceries, dozens of stores that sell specialty items, a department store that serves as a one stop shop and several restaurants that would have anyone’s mouth water.

Shoppers’ Mall however is not the biggest mall in Zamboanga City. In fact, the biggest mall in the capital of Zamboanga is Mindoro Citimall. The items sold here are more affordable than at Shoppers’ Mall.

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