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The Adventure of Diving in Bohol

The Adventure of Diving in Bohol

Bohol in the Philippines is one of the best places to be if you’re looking for diving adventure. And you will not just find yourself enjoying in one diving spot but from various diving sites. But how will you enjoy if you don’t know where to go? So take on this ride and find out more how to have a great time of diving adventure in Bohol.

Panglao Island, one of the most famous islands has some of the many diving sites that are located at the southwestern part of Bohol with coraline and limestone look. Here in Panglao is where you can find Kalipayan that is just off the white sand Alona Beach which is also known as the “Happy Wall” . If you’re diving starters, it is best to try it out first here because the difficulty rate is just easy. But still the rating is equally good. Its average depth is 10m and maximum up to 20m.

Hole in the Wall, this is what Arco point is often known due to its vertical funnel with entrance of 9m and exit of 18m. Here you can very much enjoy sea sight seeing because you can see a lot of sea creatures. It is located near the private Bohol Beach Club and if you’re in Alona Beach, you can reach it through banca in 12 minutes. Carrying an average depth of 10m and maximum of 25m, the condition here is normally calm and easy.

Pungtud Wall, a popular coral garden which is also great for snorkeling. The difficulty rate is normal and is advisable to go here when the conditions are calm but it is excellent to try it out here. You can reach it through banca in 35 minutes from Alona Beach to the south west side of Panglao Island. Here, you can also enjoy seeing sea creatures like sea urchins, sea starts, putter fish and lots more.

Now, if you’d like to venture to another wondrous island, then you’d better visit Balicasag Island. Rico’s Wall, another beautiful coral garden that is located just near Balicasag Island and Alona Beach. If you’re in Alona Beach, you can take a banca for 45 minutes to get there. Difficulty is normal but is rated really high according to reviewers. There are lots you can see in the coral garden, from all types of smaller reef fish, anemones, sea stars and many more.

Black Forest or Northeast Slope is also one of the best diving stops just like Rico’s Wall. Difficulty is advanced and divers should stay careful at all times. It is located Northeast of Balicasag Island and about 6 kilometers southwest of Alona Beach. Again, if you’re in Alona Beach, take a banca for 45 minutes and you’re there.

Once you’re in Bohol, take time to know and learn the best diving sites and at the same time know the precautions too. By this means, you will always find yourself enjoying your diving adventure like never before. It is good to enjoy and be safe all at the same time. The diving sites included here are not just the ones you can find in Bohol. It still would be a lot better to see it for yourself and discover it on your very own. Because that is what adventure really is and Bohol is the absolute place for it.

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