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A Boracay Primer

A Boracay Primer

Boracay is a favorite beach spot and tourist destination in the country the year round. Rapid progress and a construction boom have changed its landscape somewhat, but not its paradise appeal. For a summary update on Boracay, this is how the pleasure island looks like so far.

Boracay is an urbanized island beach resort 35 minutes away from Manila via plane. This tourist destination is spruced up by the burgeoning businesses on the island, cleared up for a modern habitat right in the heart of beaches and thick foliage. Private resorts and exclusive vacation houses and mansions are also among the line up of edifices.

Night life at the beach resort is still very vibrant and prevalent, present in most entertainment and watering hole establishments. It’s not the dark lonely nights that one often has in the countryside but a gait of leaping, flickering lights and piercing up-beat sounds.

Outdoor entertainment is a major event at the island resort. Partying by the beach with aromatic grills and sizzles come alive by day and night except perhaps in the rainy months from July to November. But roofed clubs and discos permit an undisturbed festivity at the island resort even during rainy days and nights.

Souvenir shops and make-shift native huts along byways are rich and colorful in welcome greeting messages and luring reminders of Boracay beach resort. They come in wood, stringed shells, local rocks, shirts, and other accessories and effects in native designs.

The island resort also teems with almost everything big cities are proud of: five-star hotels and resorts; classy luxury shops and boutiques at the D’Mall; big, stockpiled groceries and marts; fast-food chains; discos and performance stages with live bands; and fine-dining restaurants with classical music accompaniments.

Yet, the beach resort is still very much a paradise with its world famous powdery white sand and sun-kissed beaches, dazzling emerald waters, profuse palm trees by beaches and a covering of trees on hills—all sundry reminders of what Boracay is originally known for.

The seven-kilometer beach on Diniwid Beach offers a more private spot for vacationers looking for peace and quiet. It is some 20 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the commercial center by tricycle. It is where one finds the American Microtel two-storey hotel.

Boracay beach resort is still a must destination for both first-timers and habitués who treasure beaches. It offers enjoyment of modern hotel amenities found in cities and natural beach-side relaxation in the countryside. It is being far from civilization hustles, yet, not really from the treats of civilization.

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