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Your Home Within Home: Expat Networks

Your Home Within Home: Expat Networks

Expatriates often come across several difficulties in attuning to a foreign land: there’s culture shock, the seeming timidity of life, legal issues, and even the hassle of traveling across the country. These difficulties seem to be magnified in the Philippines, an archipelago, wherein one does not only need to ride a plane or boat to access several amazing tourist spots, one also needs to get used to a variety of languages and people. Fortunately, expat networks are there to help the expatriate be relieved of a stressful life.

On the issue of culture shock, expat networks help by providing the expatriate with information about the country beforehand. Expat networks often have websites that contain valuable information, ranging from geographically-specific problems like heavy traffic in the metro, up to some culturally-related subjects like folk tales and myths.

These websites also provide the expatriate with information regarding possible activities to do and sights to go to. For example, expat networks would help the thrill seeker to find which beaches in the Philippines are sites for wakeboarding.

If one would just like a relaxing time at the famous white sand beaches of Boracay, Pagudpud, and Puerto Galera, websites by expat networks often have information on the best way to travel, the best lodgings, and the various activities one would find there.

These websites also provide information on what native delicacies are to be sought for and where to find them. Do you want spicy foods? Maybe a Bicol Express would satisfy that palate. Or are you on a diet? The fresh vegetables and fruits of Baguio might be your answer.

Expat networks would also lend assistance to expatriates who would like to work in the Philippines. They would be providing guidance from the legal procedures needed to acquire a job to finding the companies that would hire an expatriate. For the expatriate that would like to live a charitable life, some expat networks have ready connections with orphanages and charity institutions.

But perhaps the most comforting aspect expat networks would have is the chance to connect with fellow expatriates. Homesickness is inevitable, and having someone from home in this second home, to share experiences of this new land, if not to tell tales of the old place, would be a very effective relief.

For expatriates in the Philippines, expat networks would help you enjoy your well-deserved relaxed life. From alleviating anxiety about the culture through ample information, to providing assistance in traveling, to connecting you with fellow expatriates, expat networks help make this foreign land your home.

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