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The Gateways To Travel in the Philippines

The Gateways To Travel in the Philippines

Getting lost. Getting there.

Travel in the Philippines can be a lot of fun, especially if you’re into hitting white sand beaches and getting a great tan. But you can get lost when you travel in the Philippines. It is, after all, 7,107 islands in the Pacific Ocean.

The long and the short to travel in the Philippines is that there are four primary international airports that make travel in the Philippines a breeze: three are up in Luzon and one is in Cebu, which is right in the middle of the archipelago.

These airports are your gateways to travel in the Philippines.

The Luzon-based airports are located in Manila (the Ninoy Aquino International Airport) and in the former US air bases in Angeles City, Pampanga (the Clark International Airport) and in Subic Bay, Zambales (the Subic Bay International Airport). The Cebu airport lies in Lapu-lapu City (the Mactan Cebu International Airport).

If you plan to travel in the Philippines, you’d do well to know which airport is nearest to your choice destination. (This isn’t rocket science advice to travel in the Philippines, but worth mentioning nonetheless.)

If you want to go sightseeing tarsiers and the Chocolate Hills in Bohol, or frolic in the white sand beach in Malapascua Island, find out which flights land in the Mactan Airport. This airport is also a nearer take off point (as against Manila) in going to Davao or Siargao.

If you want to go to the ever famous Boracay or Palawan, take a flight that lands in the Manila airport and take a domestic flight going to these places. If you’re flying in on a budget, fly with a budget airline from Malaysia, Singapore or Thailand and land in either Clark or Subic.

Of course, flying in is only the beginning of travel in the Philippines.

Pull out a map of the Philippines and find out how much farther you have to go, and if your destination is separated by sea from the airport. You may have to take a boat or, at best, take a domestic flight. Whatever transportation means is necessary, just make sure you come in prepared with information when you travel in the Philippines.

Don’t hesitate to ask the tourism desk at these airports so you don’t get ripped off and get lost when you travel in the Philippines.

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