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Davao Beach Guide

Davao Beach Guide

Davao is one of the most modern cities in the Philippines. Tourists go there to visit the city and have a vacation on some of the best beaches in Davao. The beaches of Davao are just as clear as the beaches in other top vacation destinations in the Philippines. You can do many activities there as well like water sports. The word “Davao” come from the terms daba daba which literally means fire. This word came from the early tribes who lived in Davao which are the Manobos, Samals, Bilaans and some Aetas.

Beaches in general are like jewelries. When it becomes a fad many people buys it and wear it then the value of it gets reduced. The more people go to a beach the more it becomes cheaper and somehow loses the private or exclusive appeal. Some beaches in the Philippines do not give you much privacy and peace anymore because it has become as busy as a small city. Davao beaches are somehow spared from this fact. You can still enjoy some beaches in Davao that are not packed with people and establishments for an affordable price.

1. Malipano Island – This is a beach that is nearer to Samal Island than the other islands. You can stay in one of the seven villas. The villas are secluded so guests can be assured of utmost privacy. stands a view hundred meters off Samal Island and is the site of the seven executive villas. Malipano Island has a golf course with 3 holes and a beach with white sands. The villas are made of ethnic materials from the Samal tribes and Maranao tribes. Four of the villas are put up directly in the sea like a traditional house of a family in Samal. The other three villas are situated on the rocky formations just right above the main beach. Inside the villas are three main structure of octagon shape. There is a living room area, receiving area, guest room and dining area. The roof is also shaped like the salakot which is a popular Filipino worker’s hat.

2. Samal Island – This is another popular beach in Davao. It is known for the pristine waters and the white sand of the beach. The whole island has different hotels and resorts where you can stay and enjoy swimming and some water sports. The beaches here are just like the other beaches in the Philippines you will always find a tall coconut tree and some mangrove trees. Most of the resorts have put up dikes to mark their territories over the waters. In Samal there is an Island Garden City. You can get there by riding a ferry from Davao. The place has hills, caves, waterfalls and coves. The beach is covered in white sands. The primary mode of transport is the local motorcycle. The typical rate is twenty pesos for one person. Some people are hesitant to ride in motorcycles and so they wait for the jeepneys that pass by at time. Some people just stay in the resort and on the beach where there are plent of water activities to do.

On weekdays you will find that are just two tourists visiting the resort which makes the place full of serenity. You will be able to enjoy the fresh breeze from the beach and you can just relax and read the book and enjoy the view. The current in Samal are generally calm so after sunbathing you may want to snorkel and see the school of fishes under the waters and view the corals underneath.

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