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Palawan Education

Palawan Education

Palawan is a progressive province in the southern region of the Philippines, which plays home to universities and colleges that feature informative and extensive academic programs to students in the tertiary level. Aside from promoting high quality education, these institutions also help enhance the Palawan education system by featuring modern teaching facilities. Furthermore, most of these schools offer scholarships to top high school graduates as well as to financially challenge and intelligent students. Below are the most accessible and inviting schools in the province that are popular for the competitive curriculums and degree programs that the institutions offer.

Palawan State University

Considered as the top performing public school in the area, Palawan State University takes pride on different outstanding degree programs that the establishment offers including Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. Aside from these, the other baccalaureate degrees available at this establishment are Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering, Bachelor of Arts in Political Science as well as Bachelor of Science in Tourism. To accommodate and help the individuals who want to have graduate degrees, this educational institution features academic programs like Master of Arts and Master of Education.

Western Philippines University

One of the Palawan educational institutions that are known for featuring excellent academic programs on agriculture, Western Philippines University aims to develop competitive, creative and resourceful professionals in the future. Some of the associate and short courses that this school offers are the Certificate in Poultry Production and Management, Diploma in Civil Engineering Technology, Certificate in Agricultural Entrepreneurship and Automotive/Diesel Mechanic Course. When it comes to four-year academic programs, the university features numerous courses including Bachelor of Science in Rural Development Management and Bachelor of Science in Home Economics. Above all, this institution has a graduate college that features various courses like the Master of Science in Agricultural Education and Master in Public Management.

Fullbright College

Fullbright College is a private school situated in the heart of Puerto Princesa City. This educational institution employs competitive and outstanding faculty members. The degree programs offered at this school are limited. Some of the courses available are Bachelor of Science in Criminology, Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering as well as Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. Other degrees offered are Bachelor of Science in Education and Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. The tuition fees at this college are cheaper than the enrollment fees at other universities in the province of Palawan.

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