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Tourist Attractions in Bohol Towns

Tourist Attractions in Bohol Towns

Tourist Attractions in Bohol Towns

If you’re the type of traveler who likes a bit of adventure, a lot of nature and a trip off the beaten path, maybe it’s time for you to look up Bohol in the Philippines the next time you make your travel plans. A mere boat ride away from now urbanized Cebu City and a plane away from the Philippine capital of Manila, Bohol holds a wealth of natural wonders that you and your family are sure to enjoy. Bohol was recently voted as one of the top ten “best spots you’ve never heard of” on travel website IGoUGo. Here are some tourist attractions tucked safely away in Bohol’s towns.

The Chocolate Hills

Bohol’s Chocolate Hills is one of the major tourist attractions in the country, and for good reason. The wonder of a geological formation is made of over 1,200 hills shaped like cones that are scattered over more than 50 square kilometers.

The name given to the limestone formations comes from their brown color during the dry season, when the grass covering on the hills dry up. The hills, ranging in height from 30 to 120 meters, make for a breathtaking sight with their expanse and number. The Chocolate Hills are a definite must-see when going to Bohol. They are best viewed from the towns of Carmen or Sagbayan, where the distribution of the hills is most concentrated.

Panglao Island

If you’re looking for white sands and some fun in the sun (and on the beach), take the trip out to the town of Panglao. While it’s certainly not as flashy as the more commercialized beaches in the Philippines like Boracay or Palawan, it will certainly fulfill all your mental image of a tropical island getaway.

The waters surrounding Panglao are clear and pristine, which is why it’s also a diving hotspot. The diving spots around Panglao are some of the best known in the Philippines. There are several tourist resorts where you can find accommodations for your stay. Tours and diving trips can also be arranged locally. Watch out, though: there are no automated teller machines (ATM’s) on Panglao Island, so you’d better prepare money beforehand.

Some Cave Exploration

If you’re up for a little adventure and exercise, try exploring some of Bohol’s many caves. There are over 1,000 caves in the province, and you’re allowed to explore a lot of them. You could check out the Hinagdanan (from the Cebuano word for ‘ladder’) cave near Dauis, the only other town on Panglao Island. The numerous stalactites and stalagmites in Hinagdanan make for an amazing natural display.

Another cave, this time in the town of Danao, is historical aside from merely scenic. The Francisco Dagohoy Cave was once the headquarters of Francisco Dagohoy during his campaign from 1744 to 1829 against the Spanish occupation, the longest rebellion in Philippine history. Many of the cave’s winding passages are also studded with crystals, giving you a (literally) glittering display.

There are many other tourist attractions in Bohol, such as the Philippine tarsier and the regular dolphin migration route in the Bohol Sea. These and many more are waiting for you to discover them in scenic and un-crowded Bohol.

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