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The Caves of Bohol, Philippines

The Caves of Bohol, Philippines

The Chocolate Hills are not the only reason to visit the province of Bohol in the Philippines. If you’re into caving or cave exploring then Bohol is a great destination. The province has over 1,400 caves. The name Bohol seems to have come from the word “buho” which means a “hole”. Locally, this means a hole where spring water would usually burst out; Bohol has lots of that along its coastal towns.

A lot of the caves of Bohol, Philippines have not yet been explored. It is not quite surprising that one might be following a stream during a cool day’s trek only to find that it leads to a cave somewhere. The caves of Bohol are home to strange invertebrates, like the albino crabs for instance, who have adapted to life in the dark.

At least two caves in the province of Bohol have historic significance in the Philippines. The first one is the Francisco Dagohoy Cave. This cave is located in the town of Danao and is the most visited by local and foreign tourists.

In 1744, Francisco Dagohoy, a patriot, started a rebellion against the Spanish Regime. This movement lasted until 1829. This cave served as their headquarters during the uprising. One of the passages in Dagohoy’s cave has an underwater route that leads to dry land within. It is said that this area was the movement’s hiding place when Spanish forces would raid the cave.

The other historic cave is found in the town of Antequera known as Buhong Tiawan, which is just one and a half kilometers away from town. The entrance to the cave is in a wall of a limestone hill. The entrance is three to five meters wide and leads to a cavern 100 meters long.

The cave was used as a refuge in World War II when the Japanese invaded the Philippines. The Japanese raided the place eventually when the imperial army discovered the hide out. Today, the cave is home to different species of birds and bats.

Another famous tourist attraction is the Hinagdanan Cave in the island of Panglao. The cave features stalactites with matching stalagmites that converge towards each other. The cave brings you to a cavern that has a pond about ten feet in depth. It isn’t advisable to swim in it since the water in the pond isn’t clean.

The caves Bohol, Philippines is a haven for those who love to explore the subterranean world. Some of these caves have been etched into the history of the Philippines through the people who seek refuge and hope for freedom.

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  1. Sebastien


    I live in hong Kong and I would like to organize a caving week end with 3/5
    other friends.
    We would be arriving very early morning in Cebu city (4 am) and leaving the next
    day around 10 pm from the same place.
    I went caving in Bayawan a couple of weeks ago but I heard there are great
    places in Bohol too (Jagna, Antequerra) with possible overnight stays in cave.
    Would you be the right contact to organize such an event considering all the
    participant would be really looking for an adventurous week end.
    Target dates would be June/July.

    Thanks in adavance for your help.


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