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Bohol Beaches: For the Best Vacation of Your Life!

Bohol Beaches: For the Best Vacation of Your Life!

Looking for a great beach destination? Have we got the place for you! When we say vacation we usually see white sand beaches, warm, tropical nights, beautiful sunsets, exotic food, AND exotic people. It is also an advantage if your destination is affordable (not cheap!) and can AND will cater to your every vacation desire. The beaches in Bohol are all that and more.

Bohol is a little island lying southeast of Cebu and a mere 1 hour and fifty minutes from Manila. Known for its Chocolate Hills and the lovable tarsier, Bohol boasts of equally stunning and famous beaches that are favorites of locals and tourists alike. What makes the beach destinations here unique, however, are the pristine waters and protected diving areas where world famous seashells like the Golden Cowrie and “Gloria maris” thrive and abound.

The more exclusive beach resorts are often found in Panglao Island, that little piece of land jutting next to the bigger island of Bohol. The more known beaches include Dumaluan Beach, where some of the best resorts, like the Bohol Beach Club are located. It lies on the south of the Panglao Island, and is a great place to view killer sunsets, go barefoot in powdery white sand or simply, relax.

Alona Beach also boasts its own string of known resorts, and is probably the most developed beach on Panglao Island. It has a number of diving establishments, not to mention some of the best restaurants in Bohol. There is absolutely no better way to cap off a great day of diving than eating delicious seafood at the best beach front restaurants this island has to offer! Snorkeling and scuba diving enthusiasts have the time of their lives here, although they have to be wary of the occasional sea urchin that may be lurking beneath the waters. A good, sturdy pair of water shoes will take care of that though.

Other beaches include the Doljo, Bikini, Anda,and Momo beaches, perfect for those who prefer quiet, leisurely strolls to the activity and hustle of the more popular beaches and resorts.

True, there are a lot of beaches out there, too many, in fact, that at times it may seem hard to choose. However, there is no doubt that you will have a memorable vacation experience spent exploring in Bohol’s beautiful and world-renowned beaches. Aside from the good food, excellent swimming and diving amenities and romantic sunsets you get the genuine tropical experience that only Bohol can offer.

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