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Bohol Destination Guides

Bohol Destination Guides


Bohol because of its topographical features is usually known for the Chocolate Hills but not everyone knows that the Chocolate Hills is not the only reason visitors flock to this place. In fact there are several Bohol destinations that not many know about because it is not as advertised as Boracay or Palawan.

Chocolate Hills

One’s imagination can go wild at the thought of the Chocolate Hills and these grass-covered mounds look somewhat like flat topped Hershey’s kisses. This Bohol destination can be seen in postcards but nobody can capture all 1000 hills in a single frame. The legend of the Chocolate Hills is known to every resident of Bohol and it is believed that these mounds were formed from the tears of a sad giant. The scientific explanation of the Chocolate Hills though is that these mounds were formed from a very rare geological process. Regardless of how this Bohol destination was formed, these hills which turn completely brown during the summer are a natural wonder.

Baclayon Church

One can hardly expect to visit any place in the Philippines without expecting to come across a church. The Baclayon Church is also a known tourist destination because of how old it is. This Bohol destination was built in the 16th century by the Jesuits and aside from the architecture which is several centuries old, a tour inside the Baclayon Church would lead one to a storeroom upstairs where the rarest antiques and artifacts can be found, most of which are even older than the church itself. The preservation of these artifacts at Baclayon Church is a constant challenge for its caretakers because of the limited funds and quite a few priceless items have been squandered by thieves.

The Hinagdanan Cave

Moving away from the Baclayon Church which is man made, the Hinagdanan Cave is nature’s work of art. The crystal clear water illuminated by two skylights, stalagmites and stalactites all add to the beauty of this Bohol destination. Diving from the boulders is possible here because the water is deep and it’s safe enough.

The Chocolate Hills, Baclayon Church and the Hinagdanan Cave are just three of Bohol destinations that showcase the beauty of this area. The residents of Bohol exude warmth and hospitality and it’s so easy to feel right at home here. Natural wonders are at one’s doorstep when a visit to Bohol is made and the good news is, going on a vacation in Bohol is probably more affordable than anywhere else in the Philippines.

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