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Palawan Hotel Guide

Palawan Hotel Guide

The Island of Palawan is one of the biggest and longest islands in the Philippines as well as a well visited destination spot in the Philippines. If this is your first time on this paradise island and even in the Philippines as a whole, then you have hit the right site because we are going to help you out find a place to stay with the Palawan Hotel Guide right here.

The first place we are taking you to with the Palawan Hotel Guide is one of the few five star hotels in the entire Philippines, Amanpulo. This hotel is something quite special not only because it is one of the few five star establishments in the Philippines, but because it is located on a private island that promises privacy and a feeling as if you have landed in an undisturbed paradise. The cost per night however seems just as overboard as the whole island idea with a staggering $990 a night, but for a five star hotel not bad at all.

The Palawan Hotel Guide would like to introduce the next establishment called Lagen Island Resort that is located in Philippines beautiful marine reserve called El Nido. This three star resort has a full package for you that does not only include your room and food but also adventure rides and outings. This resort is a little pricey but nature friendly.

The next place on the Palawan Hotel Guide takes us to one well known city of the Philippines, Puerto Princesa. This little hotel is cozy and comfortable and is called Niko’s Cabanas & Restaurant. Every room has its own refrigerator even which makes this place a very homely place to stay. This resort even offers package deals for a week stay including food. Take the chance and discover the generosity of the Philippines at Niko’s Cabanas & Restaurant.

The Palawan Hotel Guide is not done with providing you with the best the Philippines has to offer. Let us more to the El Nido Resort Miniloc Island which is a world class resort situated in the El Nido marine sanctuary. This resort is very Filipino styled and you will get to know a little bit more about the culture in the Philippine in this one. They offer scuba diving for the adventurous people and they take you around on personalized tours around the sanctuary.

The Palawan Hotel Guide could take you to so many more places in the paradise island of the Philippines, but we have to stop at some point don’t we? Pick one of these great hotels and enjoy your stay in the island of Palawan.

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