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Pagudpud – The Future Famous Vacation Spot

Pagudpud – The Future Famous Vacation Spot

Do you want to experience a different kind of travel adventure?

Pagudpud is approximately 500 kilometers from Manila, which is 12 hours straight drive by car, or about 15-18 hours with three major stop overs and some minor picture takings along the way.

On your way there you will surely enjoy the travel passing through Hacienda Luisita in Tarlac (Take the first stop-over here, there are lots of restaurants outside the Luisita gate). Be careful driving along the highway in the town of San Manuel, about 10-15 km after Luisita gate it is accident prone area.

After 5 hours drive from Manila, you will find yourself entering the province of Pangasinan via towns of Carmen-Urdaneta, and then you will pass by the town of Sison Pangasinan.

During the first half of the travel, we suggest you enjoy the famous House made of Narra in Agoo la Union (just right before reaching Marcos Hi-Way going Baguio.)

When you are in Agoo, you are half way on your trip to Pagudpud.

Cherish every old church in La-Union, Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte. It is good to take pictures of every church facade. Make sure to check out some old churches in Vigan and Paoay Ilocos Norte. Mind you there are a lot to enjoy while on the way there.

When you are in Vigan you are about 80% the travel to the breath taking views of Pagudpud “a Boracay 25 years ago” where one can marvel at the deep blue sea on your left while driving in the highway, see a forest-like hectares of coconut tree plantation (planted just feet away and side by side ) and of course the world famous white beaches.

Here are some tips on going there:

1. Take at least three 45 minute major stop-overs; Luisita in Tarlac, Agoo in La Union and Vigan in Ilocos Sur.

2. Take pictures of the old churches.

3. an alternate driver every 2 or 3 hours drive will prevent driving fatigue.

4. Visit the remains of Former president Marcos in the town of Batac ilocs norte. That is right before Laoag City. Also, do not fail to drop by Fort Ilocandia, the only five-star hotel in the northern part of the Philippines.

5. Enjoy the small restaurants in Laoag, Ilocos Sur. Cherish the Ilocano Longganisa both in Vigan and Laoag.

6. To fully enjoy your vacation, spend some 3-5 days or a 2-4 overnight stay from Vigan to laoag to Pagudpud.

PAGUDPUD! The future famous tourist destination. Make it a memorable, once in a lifetime escapade.

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