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Maximizing Experience in a Tourist Spot

Maximizing Experience in a Tourist Spot

It’s not everyday that one goes to a Philippine tourist spot. Many times a lot of things to enjoy in a tourist spot are missed. This is simply because we do not know how to maximize our experience in a visit to a Philippine tourist spot.

Philippine tourist spots often have more things to offer than just the beautiful spot itself. Most of the time, these tourist spots are well developed for more tourism attractions. For us not to miss all there is to see and experience in tourist spots we have to know what to prepare and what to look for.

First, never forget the camera and to load the camera. Philippine tourist spots are worth taking pictures of. Then, always travel light. Leave luggage in a secure hotel or inn and take along only necessary things that fit a small belt or shoulder bag. Take enough cash according to the planned trip for the day. And never leave without a specific travel plan for the day.

In a tourist spot, always look for the information counter or desk. Ask for what the tourist spot can show, aside from the obvious. For instance, at Mines View Park in Baguio, there are other open terraces that afford other views of the mountains and deep ravines. With a little help from local vendors or tourist guides a trip to a tourist spot can be maximized. Luneta Park in Manila has lots of spots to offer tourists. And various times of the days there are mini programs in a specific spot of the Park. A short inquiry at the Park office would reveal minute details to maximize a visit to this tourist spot.

Luneta Park, for instance, has the Rizal Monument, Chinese and Japanese gardens, a Philippine archipelago replica, a café run by mute, blind, and deaf people, a huge grandstand, Manila Bay view, and an observatory, to name a few. Most tourists just peek at the Rizal Monument, take pictures there, and go. A foreign tourist might pass by Luneta Park and its various tourist spots just once and missing it’s entirety is a big tourist trip loss.

Get to know other visitors in a tourist spot and try to learn what tourist spots they have already visited. Ask their opinions and experiences about the places they have seen or gone to. This saves time and gets direct and fresh information straight from fellow tourists.

Traveling to Philippine tourist spots may be maximized to add to a total Philippine tourist spot experience.

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