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Dipolog Education

Dipolog Education

As a first-class city in Mindanao, Dipolog City has a lot of good colleges and universities to offer students who are coming from different parts of the world. These educational institutions provide numerous benefits ranging from highly skilled faculties down to ultra modern facilities. More importantly, they give students a very good atmosphere to study as part of a dependable and consistent Dipolog education system.

Andres Bonifacio College

Situated along Quezon Avenue right within the area of Barangay Miputak, students can easily enroll at Andres Bonifacio College. Overall, it features a total 55 diploma and degree programs. Amongst its most popular graduate courses are Master of Public Administration, Master of Business Administration and Master of Arts in Educational Management. The school is also a big part of the Dipolog education system as it continuously provides students with different kinds of interesting undergraduate courses including Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Bachelor of Science in Nursing. For individuals who go for shorter courses, they can enroll in various kinds of Vocational-Technical Courses such as General Clerical Course, Diploma in Home Arts Technology and Junior Secretarial Course.

Dipolog Medical Center College Foundation

One of the nicest places to study in the area, Dipolog Medical Center College Foundation is situated within the area of Mibang in Santa Filomena. Primarily known as a medical school, today it also features non-medical academic programs and courses like Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education. More importantly, there are still outstanding medical courses available including Radiologic Technology, Physical Therapy and Nursing. The school also boasts of decent facilities such as a physical therapy room, a spacious college campus and a nice basketball court.

Saint Vincent’s College

Established on June 17, 1917, Saint Vincent’s College is a very good location for learning and study. Long after its establishment as a high school facility, the place has expanded into a tertiary school with lots of interesting and great courses to offer. Some of the most popular undergraduate courses available in this school are Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Bachelor of Science in Secretarial Administration and Bachelor of Elementary Education. There are also decent school facilities including a computer room, a music building and a library.

Jose Rizal Memorial State College-Dipolog

For students who are really serious about their studies, they can always enroll at Jose Rizal Memorial State College-Dipolog. One of the major goals of the college is to develop professionals who are productive, nationalistic and socially responsible in whatever they do. For degree programs, students can enroll in courses such as Bachelor of Elementary Education, Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurial Management and Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. It also offers short-term courses including food preservation, care giving and driving.

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