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Dipolog Shopping

Dipolog Shopping

Referred to by many people as the ‘Orchid City’ in the Philippines, Dipolog is home to numerous shopping malls, specialty stores and other commercial establishments. With all their beautiful features, efficient services and convenient locations, these facilities contribute to a very exciting and totally fun Dipolog shopping experience like no other.

Lee Super Plaza

As one of the newest malls in the area, Lee Super Plaza greatly helps in the continuous growth and development of the Dipolog shopping industry. Primarily a three-storey building, owner Dynamic Development Corp. has designed the place to become one of the largest, nicest and highly inviting shopping hubs in the city. It has a spacious supermarket where people can purchase their different needs including food, groceries and other important personal items. It also has a gaming area for kids and the young-at-heart, featuring a complete lineup of highly advanced videogames. For food enthusiasts, they will surely have fun at the spacious food court. More importantly, it features advanced cinemas where the entire family can watch their favorite films. People can find this mall just along Quezon Avenue.

Dipolog Shopping Center

Because of its position right in front of the public market, people find it very hard not to recognize Dipolog Shopping Center along Rizal Avenue. Comprised of three floors, this place features a number of fast food chains and restaurants inside including Greenwich. It also features Gibi Shoes, a specialty shop that offers various kinds of casual and leather footwear, both for men and women. There are also several appliance centers available inside, where customers can purchase some of the latest electronic home appliances. For medicine and other personal needs, this mall has an HBC outlet that guarantees new medicines all the time.

Dipolog Friendly Mart

People can find Dipolog Friendly Mart just close to Lee Super Plaza along Quezon Avenue. Made up of four floors, this building features a grocery store inside. Likewise, it also has a bakeshop where customers can buy bread, pastries and cakes. There is also a meat shop available, which offers some of the freshest cuts of beef, pork and chicken. For those who wish to go online, they can easily do so almost anytime they want by visiting the Internet café inside this mall. In addition, a bookstore is also present, which offers affordable school supplies like notebooks, pencils and pens.

Dipolog Center Mall

One of the highly noticeable shopping centers in the area, Dipolog Center Mall features different kinds of stalls and retail shops. For those who want to buy jewelries and other accessories, they can go to Broadway Gems. Meanwhile, individuals who want to know the latest trends in fashion can go to RRJ and purchase some of the coolest and hippest clothes including jeans, shirts and many others. Moreover, this mall also has a phone shop, numerous mobile phone stalls and a photo-processing center.

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