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Bacolod Beach Guide

Bacolod Beach Guide

Bacolod is an attractive city to visit. The city is beautiful
surrounded by wonderful and natural sceneries. It is also near
some of the best beaches in the Philippines. You can easily
reach them with your car or van.

1. Tambobo Beach – This is near Siaton. This beach is a favorite among foreign tourists. The sand on this beach is clear and white. The waters here are also clean and blue. The atmosphere in this beach is very peaceful. You can do many sports in the sea like surfing snorkeling and swimming. Others prefer to get a tan and sunbathe. There are several top resorts and good restaurants in the area as well.

2. Antulang Beach – This beach is also one of the popular ones. There are rocks that settled along the shore which seems to appear like a big puzzle. The black color of the rocks gives a good contrast with the bluish and greenish color of the water. This beach is ideal for diving and snorkeling. It is a perfect beach where you can view the sunset.

3. Sipalay Beach – This beach is just a short trip from the city. This beach is fast becoming a hot spot. The water in Sipalay is clear and bluish in color. There are more corals in this beach with many fishes where underwater photographers like to dive and take awesome pictures.

4. Punta Ballo Beach – This beach has white sands and more tourists come here every year because it has been able to remain natural and not so commercial. The water is perfect for those who are not expert swimmers. There are spots perfect for snorkeling and also diving.

5. La Vista Del Mar – This beach is situated in the city of Bayawan. The name means a view of the sea. The view from the hotel is really a breathtaking one. This hotel is one of the best in the country where tourists like staying in for an awesome time. The hotel is also proud of the great service and amenities they offer to their guests.

6. Isla Puti – This is fifty miles away from the city. This is a smaller island compared to the rest. There are many marine animals in this beach where divers would surely enjoy. This place can be a good hideaway for the couples who want more of a private vacation than being in a crowded beach.

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