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7 Ways to Visit Philippines’ 7 Thousand Islands

7 Ways to Visit Philippines’ 7 Thousand Islands

Traveling to the Philippines has its perks, as one has more or less seven thousand plus beautiful islands to go to, but a thousand choices consequentially means a thousand to select from. This may equate to a dilemma if the getaway is limited both by money and time.

With 7,107 Philippine islands, one may wonder if it is possible for a traveler to behold the enormous amount of the country’s diverse destinations in just a matter of days. Well, it is.

So before one even plans of swimming to and fro the 7,107 Philippine islands or visiting another country with lesser number of islands, we suggest seven ways, more feasible and way more practical than the prior ones, in which a tourist will be able to capture the thousand sights, sounds and flavors of the Philippines in just a short span of time.

1. Travel with a local. No, we are not suggesting that one should necessarily hire a Filipino/Filipina to island-hop with. If relatives or friends presently reside here in the Philippines, the best way to enjoy the visit is meeting/reuniting with them, as the tourist will not only be having a free tour guide of Philippine destinations but will also be able to travel around with good company.

2. Volunteering your way to an escapade to the Philippines is, aside from being benevolent, beneficial to the tourists themselves and those who would be blessed with their support. There are several groups and organizations sponsoring volunteers, foreign and local alike, and most of their objectives range from community development to nature preservation. Come to think of it, one’s time and money will not only be spent for leisure. Both the desire to explore destinations in the Philippines and the capacity to help others can be fulfilled in just a visit.

3. The Philippines are home to some of the world’s most wonderful beach destinations cradled in the islands from north to south. Tourists can paint the Philippines a portrait in their memories with the warm tone of the sunsets in the islands’ shorelines, bright hues of the smiles of the local people and vivid array of colors of the markets and fiestas. Sunbathe in seven different beach destinations of the Philippines and know that seven islands alone can make one feel that much invigorated.

4. History can tell much of something/someone’s character and personality. The same goes for the Philippines. Relive the past in antiquated churches and infrastructures as well as ancient ruins notable of varied foreign influences and Filipino creativity as well in destinations such as Ilocos, Cebu, Bataan, Manila and a lot more. Upon accomplishing this, one may have a picturesque background of the Philippines and know how it came to be in the present as well.

5. Fiestas tell anything and everything about the Filipinos. Aside from the enthusiastic dancing and celebration, fiestas lay out the both the traditional and some exotic foods unique to the Philippines. A fiesta event oftentimes ranges for a couple of days, just enough time for a tourist to absorb the lively arts and culture of the Filipinos.

6. If financial budget allows it, make sure to visit one renowned tourist destination each from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, the three large divisions of the Philippines.

7. Lastly, perhaps the easiest way to solve your dilemma is to visit seven islands at a time. Then come back to visit Philippines again next time and so on and so forth until you complete the 7,107 islands, along with the exquisite destinations in each and every one of them.

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