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Manila Sightseeing and Activities

Manila Sightseeing and Activities

Manila, being the capital of the Philippines, is an interesting place to tour around. Spanish era architecture, parks, historical landmarks can be found in Manila. With all of these features, sightseeing in Manila is an activity that will be enjoyable and fruitful.

Intramuros was Manila during Spanish time. Now a district of Manila, Intramuros gives sightseeing tourists Spanish-style architecture in its finest form. Churches in Intramuros such as Manila Cathedral, San Agustin Church, San Ignacio Church and the Palazio De Arzobispal gives a chance for tourists to see the Spainish-influence in Philippine architecture and religion. Inside Intramuros is Fort Santiago. Fort Santiago was where the national hero Jose Rizal was imprisoned in the late 1890s.

In terms of sightseeing marine life in the city, Manila Ocean Park is the place to visit. This oceanarium is near the Quirino Grandstand. Different kinds of marine life can be seen here. Replicals of Philippine corals, sharks and sting rays are showcased in Manila Ocean Park. The most famous feature of Manila Ocean Park is The Living Ocean. This is a walkway glass tunnel where one seems to one with the marine life forms swimming under the see.
Manila Zoo and Botanical Garden, on the other hand, showcases mammals, reptiles, birds. Elephants, lions, as well as native animal species are some of the animals that can be found in Manila Zoo.

For those sightseeing for history, the National Museum is the place to go. The museum features data and artifacts of Philippine history from pre-Spanish Time to Spanish Colonial Rule up to World War II.

Manila also has several parks for sightseeing visitors. Foremost is the Luneta or Rizal Park. This park was where Jose Rizal was executed. Now a statue of the national hero is inside this park. Inside Rizal Park is the Chinese Garden and Planetarium. Along Taft Avenue of Rizal Park is a lagoon where a three-dimensional map of the Phippines can be found in the center.

If churches is the focus of a tourist sightseeing in the city, Manila has a lot of these. Manila Cathedral, San Agustin Church in Intramuros were already mentioned. Quiapo Church hosts one of the most festive fiestas in the Philippines. Every January 9, Quiapo Church is the site of the Feast of the Black Nazarene.

Other churches that can be visited are Binondo Church and Malate Church.

Binondo, aside from Binondo Church, has another feature. This district of Manila is Chinatown. Chinese life from religion to architecture can be seen, heard and felt in Binondo.

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