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Zamboanga Sightseeing and Activities

Zamboanga Sightseeing and Activities


The bustling province of Zamboanga is the southern jewel of the Philippines and those who have been here before will all agree that this place holds many natural wonders. Zamboanga sightseeing is a must because the City of Flowers has many attractions that are simply endearing. In addition to the many different places to see in Zamboanga, the residents are also very hospitable end exhibit Filipino warmth.

Metropolitan Cathedral of Immaculate Conception

Topping the list of our Zamboanga sightseeing list is the Metropolitan Cathedral of Immaculate Conception. This Zamboanga sightseeing destination is not just for the devout Christian, many visitors from different religions have found that this place has a certain solemnity. The Metropolitan Cathedral of Immaculate Conception is the home of the Archdiocese of Zamboanga and this location carries very significant Roman Catholic artifacts.

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Immaculate Conception was first built 11 years ago but the ground where the cathedral stands has always been a parish dating back to 1810. An aerial view of the grounds will show that it looks like a giant cross and a candle, symbolic of the Virgin Mary and Jesus. The Metropolitan Cathedral of Immaculate Conception has two floors with the ground floor dedicated to chapels and the top one exhibiting several saints.

There are also religious edifices on display here, collected and preserved from the 19th century. The Metropolitan Cathedral of Immaculate Conception is often visited by devout Catholics who feel that this is a good place to find peace and have a conversation with a Higher Being.

Pasonanca Park

The next Zamboanga sightseeing destination that one should definitely not miss is the infamous Pasonanca Park. The Pasonanca Park was constructed in 1912 during the time of then Governor Pershing and this Zamboanga sightseeing destination was only finished during the term of Governor Carpenter.

A lot of planning and attention to detail went into the construction of this Zamboanga sightseeing destination and from the very first time it was opened to the public until today, there is no other park like it. The Pasonanca Park is where one will find a diverse fauna and there is close to a thousand different kinds of orchids and trees.

The Pasonanca Park epitomizes the ‘City of Flowers’ and presents it in such a beautiful light and one will definitely not regret having visited this place. Whether one goes to Pasonanca Park to take pictures of just admire the scenery, this Zamboanga sightseeing destination provides an experience like no other.

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