Short-Cut From EDSA to Quirino

Going in a hurry to get to Quirino Avenue from EDSA has an ideal alternative route. If one’s aching to get to Novaliches or Fairview fast from Manila or South Luzon, avoid heavy traffic and get to this route pronto!

Manila Restaurant Guide

Cuisine of the Philippines is not as famous as some of the dishes from Japan or Thailand.You can experience the delicious cuisine of the Philippines by visiting some of the best restaurants in the Metro Manila area.

Manila Sightseeing Guide

A Manila sightseeing guide would first suggest seeing Luneta Park among other places in the city, and even in the Philippines. Luneta has some new features to offer that people who frequent it may not have seen or taken notice of yet. So among many places a Manila sightseeing guide would point to for a better backgrounder on the Philippines is the historical Luneta Park.

Intramuros: A Nostalgic Tourist Destination

A strong reminder of the past is this tourist destination at the heart of Manila: Intramuros. It has been a witness of historical unfolding from the Spanish to the present times. Intramuros is a walk through gates of the past revealing nostalgic aspects of this tourist destination.

Manila Shopping

When you go shopping in Manila, you have to be prepared to walk for a long time in malls such as the Mall of Asia which is Asia’s biggest mall. Discover the different kinds of high street and designer stores that you can find in SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia and in Makati’s Glorietta and Greenbelt. With the largest amount of stores in the Philippines you will definitely find what you are looking for.

The Las Palmas Hotel, Manila, Philippines

The Las Palmas Hotel is a great place where guests can stay and relax. The hotel is easy to find and is located near the prime spots of Manila. Las Palmas Hotel guests will always be treated to international quality service.

Makati Hotels and Resorts

Choosing a hotel to stay at in Makati can prove to be quite tricky with the many options available. If you decide that luxury it will be, there’s the Mandarin Oriental which will surely live up to international standards. However if you are looking for something more within your budget, Jupiter Arms is a good choice. Learn more about the Makati hotels that you can stay at and widen your options.

Manila Hotel Guide

Good Manila hotel guide tips advice on how tourists in the Philippines visiting the city should prepare their arrival and stay. Above all, there should be lots of Manila hotel guide suggestions on where the best hotels are located in the city.

A Glimpse into Manila’s Past

The Philippines has countless tourist cities. Yet Manila remains among the best. What tourism secret does the city hold that it is still one of the world’s favorite tourist destinations?