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Tagbilaran Hotel Guide

Tagbilaran City is one of the famous places that travelers should visit in Bohol, Philippines. To avoid hassles during their stays in the city, it is best that they look at Tagbilaran travel guides to make advance reservations on hotels, lodges and inns where they want to have relaxing and refreshing sleeps. Read the rest of this entry »

Tagaytay City: Home of Specialty Restaurants

Going to Tagaytay City is not complete without visiting their specialty restaurants. Mouth-watering foods are served while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the city. Read the rest of this entry »

The Filipino Myth on Creation

The early notion of Filipinos about God was a provider of all peoples' needs. A myth on this says that God created the world as needs arised. The myth hints that there was no grand overall blueprint that creation followed. The myth says there were only contingency plans for solving problems as they came. Read the rest of this entry »

Puerto Galera Hospitals and Health Care

Puerto Galera is one of the towns of Oriental Mindoro that features several health care institutions that provide efficient and immediate medical services to patients. One of the Puerto Galera hospitals that offer cheaper treatments is the Municipal Hospital. Patients who are looking for a medical center that has laboratory facilities and comfortable rooms, Puerto Galera plays home to Palm Medical Clinic, Metropolitan Doctors Clinic and De los Reyes Medical Clinic. Read the rest of this entry »

Sorsogon Festivals and Events

Despite being at the southern corner of Luzon, Sorsogon is still rich with local traditions particularly in how they celebrate their special days. Because of the Spanish influence in the country, many of the Sorsogon festivals and events have Christian roots. The province, however, has also incorporated their local products and culture into these religious celebrations. Read the rest of this entry »

Samar Hotels and Resorts

It might be hard to find information on Samar hotels simply because the lodging here although good are not advertised that much on the Internet but instead go by reputation and word of mouth. Two of the recommended Samar hotels are Jasmin Beach Resort where one can wake up to the sound of the waves every morning and the Rolet Hotel which is closer to the commercial district. These two Samar hotels are among the good ones and it’s a good idea to find out what each one offers so that you are fully prepared when you get there. Read the rest of this entry »

Capitalizing on a Weekend Trip

A weekend trip can always go smoothly with enough simple planning and lots of good attitude and positive thinking. Then any weekend trip, no matter the tavel hassles, will always turn out to be fun and relaxing. Read the rest of this entry »

Bacolod Hotels and Resorts

The ‘City of Smiles’ has so much to offer when it comes to accommodation and because tourism is at a boom, there are many Bacolod hotels to choose from. L’Fisher Hotel is one that is right in the center of the city so being near the commercial district is never a problem. For those whose idea of a vacation is something that is far from it all, the Costa Aguada Island Resort it just one of the options for that ultimate getaway. Find out why Bacolod hotels are constant recipients of praises and find one that will help you achieve that excellent vacation. Read the rest of this entry »

Bacolod Personal Blogs

Lists some of the spots tourists should visit whenever they intend to travel to Bacolod. Some sightseeing, sampling the local cuisine and a bit of interaction with the locals is what makes a great trip to Bacolod. Read the rest of this entry »

Samar Travel Agents

Samar Island is one of the best tourist destinations for nature lovers. Panhulugan Caves (1 and 2) and the Sohoton Natural Bridge are some of the best spots to check in Samar Island. Read the rest of this entry »