Renting Low-Cost but Quality Apartments

Low-cost but quality apartments seem a mere figment of the mind today, but they still do exist. These rare apartments for rent seldom show themselves in public for good security reasons. But one can chance upon them with the right relationship-based search guidelines.

Almon Bigas, Tagalog Philippine Cuisine

All delicious and nutritious “Almon Bigas” is an old Tagalog dish that combines the secret food preparations of the Chinese, Spaniards, and Tagalogs. This Tagalog cuisine is a complete dinner, with meat, soup, eggs, and rice noodles in a gourmet concoction.

Laoag Transportation

Laoag is the proud capital of Ilocos Norte and it has every reason to brag with its culture and heritage well preserved in historical landmarks as well as convenient modes of Laoag transportation that just about anybody can feel safe and comfortable taking. Know how to get around Laoag and which type of Laoag transportation to take to help you get to your destination faster.

Subic Bay Restaurants

Subic Bay is an accessible vacation place. It can be reached within less than two hours of land travel from the Philippines capital, Manila. Yet, it offers a wide array of adventures for every kind of exploring tourists. Food lovers, for example, will enjoy a high time in Subic Bay …

A Philippine Tale on Black Cats

Black cats have earned the infamy for carrying bad luck around. A Philippine tale on them is the culprit. The tale begins with a village boy a longtime ago and somehow ends up in common backyards today. There’s a moral in the tale: Black cats will be black cats and boys will be boys.

Diving In Paradise

Want to experience the joy you yearn or simply just travel the world? Don’t fret, try scuba diving for a change. One can witness and enjoy the real beauty of nature down there.

Zamboanga Destination Guides

There are many great Zamboanga destinations that provide a unique shopping experience at low, low prices and at the same time allows you to get a feel of what the culture is like in Zamboanga. The Cawa Cawa Boulevard is a Zamboanga destination frequented by locals and tourists alike because it’s a one stop place for leisure, entertainment and dining. Your visit to the south becomes more fulfilling after a quick stop at these Zamboanga destinations.