Puerto Galera Destination Guides

Puerto Galera is not just about beaches, the colorful history of this island and the amazing Puerto Galera destinations are among the reasons visitors flock here. The Excavation Museum is a chance to learn about Puerto Galera’s history while the Big La Laguna Beach is for those who want a private vacation that’s absolutely tranquil and scenic at the same time. Puerto Galera destinations add to the color and excitement of visiting the island.

Pearl of the Pacific in Boracay

Do you want enjoy your stay in the Philippines? Try going to the white beach of Boracay and experienced the first class accomodations of Pearl of the Pacific Beach Resort. This is where the true hospitality of the Filipinos can be felt.

Puerto Princesa Beach Guide

The beaches in Puerto Princesa are filled with fishes and corals. Diving, snorkeling and swimming are some of the best activities you can do while you are in Puerto Princesa.

Best Beach Resort in Boracay

You certainly made the right choice to spend your much deserved vacation in Boracay. But wait, to make this vacation a more pleasing experience, stay in The Club Panoly Resort. Learn what this fabulous resort has to offer that you would not find anywhere else in Boracay!

Bohol Restaurant Guide

Bohol is popular for the clean and good beaches. Eating is another activity you can enjoy in Bohol because today there are several restaurants in Bohol offering delicious food.

Zamboanga Hotels and Resorts

Zamboanga is the diamond of the south so it’s no surprise that many tourists go here everyday. Finding a good hotel in Zamboanga City is sometimes hard because there are so many good ones to choose from, Garden Orchid Hotel and Hotel Perlita to name a few. However, whichever Zamboanga hotel you decide to stay at, it’s a wise move to know exactly what to expect before you get there.