Butuan Beach Guide

Butuan is the gateway to some of the most truly breathtaking beaches in the Philippines. Get away from the stress of daily living by relaxing in the beaches in Butuan.

A Glimpse into Manila’s Past

The Philippines has countless tourist cities. Yet Manila remains among the best. What tourism secret does the city hold that it is still one of the world’s favorite tourist destinations?

Ormoc Hotels and Resorts

Ormoc hotels capture the charm and culture of this non-provincial city in Leyte. Just to name a few good hotels in Ormoc, there’s the Sabin Resort and the Ormoc Villa Hotel which offer competitive rates, excellent facilities and even better customer service. There are many names to choose from when it comes to Ormoc hotels but only a few stand out for being exceptional.

Nature Trips in the Philippines

Whether trying to discover great waters or mountains for a few days or retirement and cannot decided which really—beach or mountain—come to Philippines where a split second decision to go to the beach when planning for mountain climbing is possible.

Laoag Beach Guide

Laoag is in Ilocos Norte. It is a modern city which offers tourists different activities they can do. Tourists like going here to swim in the clear and blue beaches Laoag is also famous for.

Boracay Travel Guide

Travelers who want to visit the tropical island of Boracay, Philippines, should look at Boracay travel guides to have ideas about the activities that they can do at the place. In addition, these travel guides feature hotels that offer affordable accommodations, as well as restaurants where tourists can dine and relax at the island.

A Philippine Tale on Angels

A Philippine tale on angels discusses the possibility of good persons turning into guardian angels. This tale says such angels are tasked with rescuing and helping earthly family members. So the more good guys are rasied up in a family, the more that family gets heavenly connections.