Puerto Galera Travel Guide

Puerto Galera is one of the nearest islands with fine beaches from the city of Manila. The island cannot maintain an aiport so tourists can get there by riding a bus going to the Batangas port then take a boat ride for Puerto Galera.

Leyte Hospitals and Health Care

Leyte is one of the provinces in the Visayan region of the Philippines that provide good quality medical services to residents and tourists in the area. To ensure that financially challenged individuals will receive immediate and proper medical assistance, the provincial government establishes and opens several public Leyte hospitals and health care institutions such as Leyte Provincial Hospital and Dr. Jose Silao Memorial Hospital. Patients who prefer to seek medical help at private medical establishments can always go to Divine Word Hospital and Bethany Hospital that employ competitive physicians and professional health care assistants.

Manila Hotel Guide

Good Manila hotel guide tips advice on how tourists in the Philippines visiting the city should prepare their arrival and stay. Above all, there should be lots of Manila hotel guide suggestions on where the best hotels are located in the city.

Tagbilaran Restaurants

Tagbilaran is known for its warmth and hospitality but not many know that Tagbilaran restaurants offer a unique dining experience. Saya’s Restaurant turns otherwise common dishes into delicious and unique ones and these are served by cheerful service personnel. Ruby Stone Music Bar and Restaurant on the other hand combines entertainment and dining so if you’re looking for a complete package, this is a place you simply must try.

Scenic Philippines

Perhaps one of the Philippines most alluring resources besides its natural resources and topography are its scenic spots. These beautiful scenic areas are found in the various parts of the country.

Boracay Hotel Guide

Get to know the best hotels in the paradise island of the Philippines through the Boracay Hotel Guide. We are taking you to every boat station in Boracay where you will find hotels and resorts of any star and any kind.

Bacolod Travel Agents

Bacolod City has been one of the best cities in the Philippines for being a grand slam recipient of being the greenest and the cleanest highly urbanized place. The grandeur of Bacolod City is the best reason why it was dubbed as the ‘City of Smiles’.

Palawan Transportation

Touring or roaming around within the paradise of Palawan is always thrilling. Palawan has been gifted with natural resources and for that reason the local government fosters Eco-tourism. Modes of transportation are available for the needs of tourists and visitors alike.

Bacolod Shopping

Bacolod City is a highly urbanized area in Negro Occidental that features numerous shopping places like malls, souvenir shops and showrooms. Tourists who want to purchase keepsakes and souvenir items that were manufactured by local exporters can always go to the popular Negros Showroom. To have an enjoyable and relaxing time, travelers are encouraged to check the retail stores and dining establishments inside the inviting Bacolod shopping malls Robinson’s Place and Gaisano Mall.