Iloilo Beach Guide

Iloilo is a progressive city in the southern area of the Philippines. Many tourists come to Iloilo to see different cultural, historical and natural sights including good beaches.

Palawan Travel Guide

Palawan travel guide is a helpful tool that travelers can use to make their stay at the island of Palawan, Philippines, worry-free and enjoyable. The guide offers information on how to get to tourist destinations, hotels and restaurants in the province, where people can unwind, relax and have fun.

Bird Watching at Rajah Sikatuna National Park

Bird watching is a great and fun activity for people of all ages. The nature trek in Rajah Sikatuna National Park is a great opporutnity for you to see a wide variety of birds. The Rajah Sikatuna National Park is tuly a haven for nature lovers.

A Visayan Genesis Tale

A version of creation tells of how the Philippine archipelago and its inhabitants came into being. Not only that, it also reflects how courage, adventurism, cordiality, and romance roll into one to concoct the Filipino spirit.

Wreck Dive in Subic Bay: Its Diving Pleasures

Diving for wreck dive spots in Subic Bay gives one a historical link to the past, and allows the pleasure of seeing various species of marine life within its waters. But then, to get the most of this experience, one should know what great historical vessels rest below the water’s surface.

Baguio Restaurant Guide

Touring Baguio and eating in its good restaurants are almost synonymous. A Baguio restaurant guide may advice to visit tourist spots with good restaurants, and vice versa. Hence, for a total tour experience, consult an imaginative Baguio restaurant guide and hit two birds with a stone.

Angeles City Travel Agents

The province of Pampanga is the Philippines’ Culinary Capital. Their festivities or fiestas are defined by tasty delicacies and wonderful cultural heritage that attract visitors and tourists to join them in the celebration.