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Baguio Government Sites

Long before some tourist attractions or spots in the Philippines became famous, the city of Baguio had been a favorite vacation spot and getaway for locals residing in Metro Manila. The place was developed by Americans as a retreat place to escape or to have some break away from the warm ambiance of Metro Manila area. The place was hailed as the ‘Summer Capital’ of the Philippines because of its relatively cooler weather all year round. The place is said to be as well the ‘City of Pines’ because of the pine trees all over the area.

Baguio City and the Panagbenga Festival

The best time to witness the culture and wonders of Baguio City is during the Panagbenga Festival. The festival is a yearly flower festival in Baguio City. The word ‘panagbenga’ is of Malayo-Polunesian derivation that means ‘season of blooming’. The festival is characterized by colorful display of floral-themed parade, costumes and creative floats. The main streets of Baguion would really look like a garden of beautiful flowers especially during its culminating days. The feast is also defined by street dancing and merry making. It is a month-long celebration held annually in the month of February.

Tourists’ Favorite Spots in Baguio City

Upon arriving to Baguio City, one of the landmarks that would be flocked by tourists is the Philippine Military Academy. It is located within the Fort del Pilar, Loakan. It was created for potential officers of Philippines Armed Forces. This military academy has museum that displays war paraphernalia (uniforms, weapons, gears, vehicles, etc.) of the past to the contemporary period. Another notable spot in Baguio City is the oldest park in the place, the Burnham Park. Tourists could be relieved some of their tensions by simply just walking, biking or reflecting on the good things in life. The park is famous of the man-made lake where visitors could rent a boat just to row around the lake. The Baguio Cathedral is another place to check in Baguio City. It is also known as Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral. Its unique twin spikes, hundred steps and a wonderful view (located at a top of a hill) gives church goers, devotees or tourists a bird’s eye view of the full commercial center.

Baguio City in just Few Clicks

Baguio City needs to keep up with the pace regarding economic progress and growth. One of the widely use tools nowadays is to harness the power of the internet. The official website (http://www.baguio.gov.ph) for the local government of Baguio City gives concise details regarding Baguio City’s events, directory, services and all related information regarding the place. If a tourist plans to enjoy the Panagbenga Fetival in Baguio City, it is necessary to make preparation because Baguio City would be flocked by visitors during the said festivity and checking the official website is a helpful suggestion. Having an idea of where to go, where to stay and where to eat as a visitor or tourist in a vacation spot, would make the tour more memorable.

The Folklore on How Manila Got Its Name

Nilad plants once proliferated along the banks of the Pasig River near its mouth that opens to Manila Bay. A folklore says this scene of Nilad plants that daily graced the windy delta area started talks of a kind and hospitable locality "where there is Nilad." The folklore is a word-of-mouth record of Manila's fine hospitality to all its visitors even before its discovery. Read the rest of this entry »

Davao Shopping

Davao City is one of the fast advancing areas in Mindanao, Philippines that plays home to several modern shopping centers and souvenir shops. To help enhance the economic conditions in the area, Davao shopping malls like Gaisano Mall and SM City features numerous popular retail stores, dining establishments and food stalls. Shoppers who like to buy cheap accessories, clothes and shoes can always visit the bargain stores at Victoria Plaza Mall, which is considered as the oldest mall in the city. Read the rest of this entry »

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Philippines Festivals and Events

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Legazpi Restaurants

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A Myth on Mayon Volcano

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Puerto Galera Sightseeing and Activities

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Ormoc Destination Guides

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General Santos Beach Guide

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