General Santos Destination Guides

General Santos destinations provide ways to enjoy the environment and the simple joys that it brings. The Kalaja Karst Area is a one stop destination that offers several activities from trekking, swimming to seeing underground caves. The magic of Lake Sebu is something truly irresistible with the tranquil water that’s so clear and miraculously never goes dry. However you want to enjoy your holiday, you can do this at several General Santos destinations that are definitely worth your time.

Bohol Destination Guides

Bohol destinations endear the traveler to this province in Visayas and we don’t just mean the Chocolate Hills or the Baclayon Church. The wonders of these Bohol destinations are beyond description and if your purpose is to find a solemn and peaceful vacation getaway while being very much in touch with nature, the Chocolate Hills and the Baclayon Church are just two places you can visit.

Cebu Destination Guides

Cebu destinations always have an element of the Spanish occupation of the Philippines and this is because this was where they first settled. The Taoist Temple is a solitary place ideal for quiet moments with loved ones while Fort San Pedro is a place that virtually comes alive once you enter. There are a lot of Cebu destinations worth seeing and these places are just overflowing with historical and religious values.