Dumaguete Education

Dumaguete Education doesn’t only include schools but it also includes the grand Universities. You will find four of these Universities in Dumaguete City which gives the city the name of the University town. Discover the academic, co-curricular and athletic programs and find out exactly what kind of nationalities took the step towards this University town.

Dumaguete Restaurants

The best Dumaguete restaurants have many different things to offer. Experience the taste of horse meat at Gine’s Kabayo-an or taste the European flair in this city at Casablanca or Why Not. If you want to indulge in something sweet then head over to Gabby’s Bistro or get great salads at Boston Market.

Dumaguete Personal Blogs

Dumaguete City is one of the tourist spots in the Philippines that is ever faithful to its name. ‘Snatching’ the hearts of tourist and visitors alike is definitely a trait of this city because of its natural wonders.

Dumaguete Travel Agents

History attested to the beauty and natural wonders of Dumaguete City as the very reason why visitors come and stay for good the said place. As a coastal city, the place is blessed with diving spots and other marine related sports activities such as dolphin watching and kayaking are thriving.

Dumaguete Government Sites

Dumaguete City, since the ancient time, had been very attractive that it seemed to have a power ‘to swoop’ individuals to come and settle for good in the place. The city of Dumaguete is the center of education at the southern part of the Philippines because of the famous universities established at the place.

Dumaguete Shopping

The Dumaguete shopping scene charms with little stores that cater to your every wish. Find toiletries and groceries in Lee Super Plaza or go window shopping in Portal West where dozens of boutiques await your sense of fashion. You can also opt for hand-made and tribal crafts that reflect the culture and the place.