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Boracay Island – One of the World’s Best Beaches

Boracay Island – One of the World’s Best Beaches

Almost nothing comes close to the beauty and splendor that world-famous Boracay Island has. A small island in the province of Aklan south of Manila, Philippines, it is a grand travel destination with so many marvels to explore and experience.

One of the world’s finest, Boracay boasts of powdery white sand beaches, azure clear waters, lush landscapes and spectacular sunsets.

No wonder it is known as the Paradise Island of the Philippines and has been consistently voted as one of the best tropical beaches in Asia and the rest of the world.

Boracay, which can be reached via plane, boat or bus through Caticlan or Kalibo, has more than thirty beaches and coves, including the famous White Beach, rated among the world’s best beaches by international publications with its “baby powdery” white sand.

Aqua Action
Boracay never runs out of exhilarating action. With its breathtaking waters, it is truly irresistible to be in a smorgasbord of thrilling aqua sports – from swimming and snorkeling to diving, windsurfing, parasailing, kayaking, sail boating and boardsailing.

For a different twist, one can also go banana boating and flying fish boating.

The waters of Boracay offer a perfect haven for boardsailers that attract enthusiasts from all over the world. A boardsailer’s Mecca, the island’s Bulabog Beach is the site of the annual International Funboard Cup.

Sail boating and diving are also fun things to do on the island. Boracay, a common site for sailing on slender hulled boats called Paraw, plays host to the annual Paraw Regatta, an international sailboat race that makes use of the native outrigger.

The island is also surrounded by many excellent dive sites, including Yapak, Boracay’s great deep dive.

Adventure-seekers can also enjoy the thrill of hiking, trekking, caving, mountain climbing and biking along the island’s many trails discovering its interior villages, scenic rocky cliffs, and hidden coves with isolated beaches.

Island hopping by motorized bangkas and paraws offers splendid encounters in Boracay. There are stop-offs at the Bat Caves, northeast coast of Yapak, inhabited by giant bats locally called “Flying Foxes,” the “Kar-tir” Sea Shell Museum in Ilig-Iligan showcasing Filipino shells, and the Puka Beach on the island’s northern tip, home of Boracay’s famous puka shells.

“Mambo No. 5” offers a different taste of adventure with a little bit of boating and wind surfing, a little bit of scuba diving, a little bit of trekking, a little bit of mountain biking, and a little bit of golf.

Permanent or henna tattoos also offer out-of-the-ordinary fun for the adventure-driven.


Boracay is dotted with hundreds of beach resorts offering accommodation of all types, and numerous restaurants, bars and souvenir stalls spanning the whole stretch of the beach that make dining, nightlife and shopping in the island exciting and lively.

The island’s diverse selection of restaurants ranges from native food stalls to establishments that cater to the diverse nationalities of its visitors.


Not to be missed out on are Boracay’s spectacular sunsets while taking a sip of mouth-watering fruit shakes at the beachfront bars or while walking along the lovely shore.

The serenity of the ocean combined with the sunset is a perfect match for relaxation, beach bumming, and even for a relaxing massage by the island’s skilled masseurs.

Boracay is an idyllic travel haven matched with nature’s splendor and sheer island adventure. It offers an enchanting escape from humdrum routines and is guaranteed to enthrall visitors into a fascinating experience of tropical island life. A paradise on earth, Boracay is the destination to be.

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