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A Tourist’s Guide to Bohol Hotels

A Tourist’s Guide to Bohol Hotels

If you are looking for a perfect island getaway, then Bohol is just a perfect paradise for you. Situated east of Cebu and southwest of Leyte, it is an island set out as a mound of brown and green in the velvet blue sea. This mound of brown and green is composed of fertile lands with chocolaty brown hills in the midst of lush forests and grassy meadows.

Bohol is indeed a paradise which does not only boast of rich agricultural lands but also of rich marine life in the form of schools of tiny reef fish to pods of dolphins and whales amidst colorful corals. Aside from its rich historic and cultural heritage and its warm and friendly people, Bohol is also known for its handicrafts such as mats, baskets, raffia woven cloth, fashion accessories, wood craft, processed foods and pottery.

If you want to explore Bohol’s beauty, there are a number of Bohol hotels and resorts situated along Panglao Island.

Situated in Panglao Island, Alona Kew white beach resort is a stretch of fine white sand with coconut trees, surrounded with the cool, blue waters of Bohol. This Bohol resort has a variety of air-conditioned suites, bungalows and deluxe cottages to suit your needs. Alona Palm Beach Bohol hotel is a 4-star hotel located on the stretch of fine white sand, and boasts of 12 elegant villas. Alona Tropical Beach Bohol resort is composed of 27 elegantly furbished double rooms, either in a longhouse or bungalows. If you want to be close to nature, Alona Vida Beach Bohol resort is a perfect choice, because of its shady coconut trees and tropical plants.
Not far away from Alona is Alumbung Bohol Resort, a place which offers two secluded Balinese rice barns, or lumbungs. If you want an airy view, you would surely love Amorita beach Bohol resort, which is nestled on top of a beachside cliff surrounded by verdant gardens.

Scuba divers would surely love Anayana Beach Bohol resort, a scuba diving Bohol hotel resort with a 150 meter beachfront of white sand and crystal blue waters. A partner resort of Alona Palm beach and sun apartelle, Philippine Island Divers Bohol Resort also offers first class accommodations.
If you want a native touch, try Bee Farm Bohol Hotel. It is a boutique hotel amidst landscaped gardens made of native materials such as bamboo and wood. They also offer a wide range of native souvenirs to take home, such as bags, mats, hats and wall decors.
Bohol Beach club is a famous spot of white sand amidst the blue waters. It boasts of 67 guest rooms, 40 standard rooms, 20 superior rooms, 6 executive suites and 1 family suite.
Another Bohol hotel which offers a hillside spectacular view is Bohol Plaza resort. It faces the city of Tagbilaran and offers a sight to behold during night time amidst twinkling stars and city lights.
A 5-star beachfront Bohol resort in Panglao Island is Eskaya Beach Bohol resort. It faces a 5-kilometer coral white sand stretch you would surely admire.
For sports lovers, Flushing Meadows Bohol Resort boasts of an international standard tennis court and a kid’s fishing center which boys, young and old alike, would surely love.
Be surrounded by the mystique of flowers in the Flower Garden Bohol Resort. It is a 4-star hotel which has well-landscaped gardens full of blooming flowers and tropical plants.
Far from the island’s hustle and bustle is Flower Beach Diving resort, a place with a relaxing atmosphere perfect for meditation.
Indeed Bohol is the place to be, with these Bohol hotels and resorts. So fly now!

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