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Maximizing One’s Stay in a Philippine Hotel

Maximizing One’s Stay in a Philippine Hotel

Philippine hotels are exciting lodges to stay in. A couple of days stay will surely be pure delight, especially when it’s a luxury hotel. Though they can also be a bit expensive, there are ways of maximizing one’s stay in a Philippine hotel.

Most Philippine hotels are historical. They may not have figured in major Philippine historical events but they nonetheless have some olden story highlights in their existence. Just lift the phone receiver and ask operator service for some historical background on the hotel, especially if it was originally started before Word War II, or at least circa 1950s.

Dig up history facts some more by asking for archive records on the hotel; there might be a file somewhere in its database. Or search it on the Internet. The point is, it’s a different experience when one’s aware of the hotel’s past. For instance, a premier Philippine hotel in Cebu built in the 1950s used to be a humble four-table restaurant. Some hotels in Intramuros used to be mansions during Spanish times in the Walled City.

Philippine hotels often have a Filipiniana section usually in their lobbies. This is a good place to know more of the people and famous places in the country. Some Philippine hotels offer whole shelves of old books on Filipino culture and tradition, polished native and rare implements and tools as hotel decors, old photos, and special nooks for native delicacies and dishes. It will be worthwhile sampling these rare features.

Another way of maximizing a stay in a Philippine hotel is hanging out awhile at the lobby. The lobby and café (often adjacent to each other) of luxury Philippine hotels are favorite hang outs of well-known people in town. One may see movie or political personalities being interviewed there, or simply relishing a brewed cup of coffee or sipping a cool drink. Or one can try to meet new people to befriend at the lobby. It’s a safe place to gain new acquaintances from the city or locality.

Finally, catch a view of the sunset at an open lounge, at the pool area of the hotel, or on a terrace roof top. Don’t leave without even a glimpse of it, and the city skyline. Those are likely to make memory impressions that last.

A short stay at a Philippine hotel can have more delights than may be expected. It’s just a simple roaming around the hotel in thrilled expectation of something worth discovering.

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