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An Asian in the Big Apple

An Asian in the Big Apple

What would a man with Asian roots do in the Big Apple? Well, he will see what’s in store for him in New York. The city itself is a symbol not only in the United States but also in the rest of the world. You can ask people from almost any country if they know the place and a good majority will respond in the affirmative.

They don’t call it the Big Apple for nothing don’t they? Since the city is one of the most populous cities in the world, and it is the most populated city in the United States, it is pretty understandable why this city is bustling with life 24/7. Asian tourists off to see NYC will enjoy the insane massiveness of the place both in the number of people and the many places to see.

Surviving in the Concrete Jungle

NYC is no less than a humongous man made jungle in its own right. And just like scaling any jungle in the world, the people who want to see the sights and sounds of this megalith of human construction ingenuity should know something about it beforehand. Knowing the facts about New York may spell either success or disaster in any case.

Transportation Options

One of the issues that any tourist in New York will have to tackle head on is transportation. Arriving in the city will mean either landing in the JFK International Airport or the Newark Liberty International Airport. Of course, there are other smaller airports around but they usually charter domestic flights.

The other transportation options available are pretty varied. The city is literally teeming with taxis, commuter rails, trains, and buses. Expect the streets to be very busy even after the sun has gone down. One thing that people usually do here in NYC is to walk to your next appointment. It’s definitely a good way to see the city first hand and burn some calories at the same time.

Places to Lay Your Head

One of the bigger issues that tourists will have to work with is the rates of the many New York accommodations. It is a fact that a lot of the hotels and hostels in the city charge quite a hefty fee. That includes even some budget hostels, mind. Imagine having to pay up to $200 a night in what is labeled as budget accommodations.

However, there are still true blue budget accommodations in the city if one really tries to dig up some info. There are definitely a lot of review and travel sites on the Internet that can make some great recommendations. Some New York accommodations may have their rates pegged at an average of $50 a night but they can still provide top notch services and provide reasonable amenities. Those are the hostels that are worth looking for.

Many of the room accommodations are located in Manhattan but that doesn’t mean you have to get a room there. There are a lot of options in other places such as Staten Island, New Jersey, and Long Island. Tourists will just have to consider the location and find out if the hotel is near the places they want to visit.

A Bite of the Big Apple

When it comes to dining options, you can say that the world has just found its way to New York. Dining options consist of really affordable food you can buy off the street or in really expensive fine dining restaurants–take your pick. You can go for New York hot dogs, cheesecake, egg cream, deli sandwich, and bagels.

The number of food carts you can find on the streets of New York is simply ridiculous. You’ve got hamburgers and coffee cooked, prepared, and served right where you’re standing. Food trucks also roam the streets serving their peculiar blends and flavors. Fine dining options are also around in case you want something along those lines.

What do Asians do in the Big Apple? They visit the sites, try the street food, walk around, and find decent New York accommodations. The options may seem endless for anyone who wants to see what NYC is all about.

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